One of my most favorite weekend, family activities in Nashville is hit up the local markets located throughout the city. Most of the time we drive into Nashville proper but this weekend we got to stay close to home and headed to The Factory for The Sunday Market.  Most markets like this have a cause near and dear to their heart and this particular market was benefitting Go. Be. Love. Shopping and eating food trucks while doing good? Im in!


So we got there and of course instantly hit up the food trucks. No one likes to shop on an empty stomach. Hubs and kids headed to Yayo’s Omg for tacos and quesadillas.  I hit up Funk Seoul Truck. I ordered the YUZU KOSHO with a Boba Tea but hubs delivered a Chicken Teriyaki so if you are reading this and I stole your food, I apologize. It was delicious though so thank you.

We stopped at the little concert area and listened to some amazing live music. The girls loved it and twirled and showed off their impeccable dance moves they clearly got from their mother.

There were so many cute vendors selling all kinds of goods there. Here is a list of the vendors from their webpage.

~Light of Day HOME ~ Goldfinch  –  Aviate Press Home with Mary ~ FashionABLE ~ Stampily ~Newly ~Aubrey Hyde Home ~ Olive Branch Natural Soap Company ~ East 33rd Design Paper & Plank ~Bubo Handmade ~BRANDED Collective ~ Nash Vinyl  ~ Terri Andersen Ross Art ~ KCdesignZ ~ Barefoot Vintage ~Marshall and Rose ~Rustic River Creations ~ Straw Castle ~ The Faded Farmhouse ~ Tame the Beast ~Sabrosa VintageMaxine 55 – Props Antiques – Whimsical Danger – RV Pottery – Three French Hens – Studio B Printshop – Peggy Vessels – Project 615 – Cedar Comfort – When Heat meets Rust – Electric Buffalo – Franklin Flannels –Ashwood Estates Apothecary Naturals – Brother + Sister Creative – Cindy David Designs – Carpe Diem 212 –


If you missed this one, no worries because there is actually another Sunday Market on May 14th and it has different vendors too. This particular market location is great for small kids (and pets). Parking was a breeze. Plenty of space to run around and play plus tables and benches to eat at. Not to mention it’s located under the shed at the factory so you get to be outside but shaded. So next month you know where to find me then! Prob in line at the food trucks.



I started thinking about doing this entirely too long ago, but then I would head over to google image like any sane person and then run for the hills at some of the “microblading” that shows up. I mean that shit is terrifying. It’s a tattoo on your face after all. But I finally found someone I felt confident in and scheduled my appointment.  I have always been an over plucker. So I would sit in my car (natural light was great for this) and I would start plucking and before I knew it, i was missing chunks of eye brow. I also rarely get my eye brows waxed. Like maybe only once every 6 months so theres no chance those holes where going to fill themselves. But my main concern was that I had a very flat eye brow and wanted an arch.

What Exactly is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that uses a specialized tool done by hand, to make fine cuts in the skin to implant pigment that resembles the appearance of natural eyebrow hair. It is ideal for filling in sparse areas of the natural eyebrow where hair isn’t present, and also defining and enhancing brow shape.


Was It Painful?

I have no tattoos so I have nothing to compare this to in that aspect, but she did use a topical numbing cream which totally helped.  I def flinched though a couple times and then she would put a little more numbing cream and we were good to go. Pain wasn’t something that would keep me from doing it again. But they noise to me was a different story. haha. It reminded me of raking leaves with a metal rake as a kid.  I’ve also heard it was sensitive after the fact resembling a sunburn, so far I’m 2 days in and there is no sensitivity.


Whats the Process Like?

I went in to the salon with how I typically color in my brows so she could see how I wear them on a normal day. But that was part of my problem, I’m so bad at coloring them in and making a good (symmetrical) shape between the two that I wanted to make sure she was aware that’s why I was there.  I need her help in making my brows pop. We took off the makeup and then she used a ruler to draw the shape and arch on. Then she began! It took around 1.5 hours for the first session and my artist was OCD which is totally not a bad quality to have when you are tattooing peoples faces.


How Long Does It Last?

Like anything there is no exact answer for this. It depends on skin type, sun exposure, oil production, how you allow them to heal but if you can get 2 years without getting them touched up you are a rockstar. Ill be keeping this


Things to Keep in Mind

  • You can’t get your brows wet for 7 days (no that doesn’t mean you don’t have to shower for 7 days, just down water board yourself).
  • You also can’t sweat. It will push the color out which could affect your brows. Not worth it!
  • You will have to go back in 6 weeks for a touch up and thats where they will be perfected.
  • You also have to put ointment on your brows for a week so they tend to be a bit shiny and goopy.
  • They will scab


Prior to Microblading-No Brow Makeup

One Way Home from 1st Appt


These are the pictures my Eyebrow Artist took and you can really see the detail. This is immediately before and after so they will still change quite a bit and I will continue to update this post through the process.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments and Ill be sure to answer them. Overall I am so excited for the end results and totally wish i would have done this earlier.


And if you are in Nashville or Brooklyn (because my brow chick travels) you def need to reach out to her. Amy Kendall is a brow wizard and I can’t wait to see her on my follow up. I will def keep this updated as to how things progress along with pictures of the final product.

So I love Target as much as the next momster but their constant need to add new home decor weekly which in turn makes me want to redecorate weekly is going to force us into the poor house. So I have stumbled upon some hidden gems in Nashville that I have to share with you all. But don’t you worry Non-Nashvillians these stores actually have multiple locations and not just a couple there are tons of locations.  Just a fair warning, these home decor shopping hacks will have you never spending full price on Target goods again. So continue at your own risk.

  1. Bargain Hunt: If you are in the midwest or Southeast there is probably one near you. These stores add additional markdown to items that have been there for awhile. So I purchased this bar cart  (still listed on Targets site for $116) from BH for $45. Not too shabby. Any that’s not the only bar cart I have purchased from there. I currently have 3 in my house and allot least 50% off current prices in store. This used to be my go to for baby stuff like car seats and strollers too. I recently was in one and noticed they are now an Amazon retailer as well.

2. Dirt Cheap: This is one I have debated telling you all about, because it’s a gold mine. Literally. So far everything I have purchased from this store is 80-90% off of prices in the stores.  This is another store that discounts things the longer they have been there and apparently the stuff I love has been there awhile. In fact, recently when I went I scored a gold end table for $1. Remember these Nate Berkus leather stools? They were $99 in store when I bought these for $9 each. This store actually takes shopping carts and fills them up with stuff that’s been there for awhile and sells the whole shopping cart for….wait for it. $10. My husband would kill me if I came home with a packed shopping cart of knick knacks, so if you want to go halfsies let me know. 




Giveaway Deets

Since at times my writing is quite dreadful and I tend to be in a lull more times than not, the least I can do is bring you guys giveaways. So check out the link below and enter yourself in order to win lots of fun prizes.

Good luck and feel free to share away. a Rafflecopter giveaway

You all know I have a soft spot in my heart for subscription services, I mean does anyone really go to the mall any more?  I would rather sign up for a service I LOVE and then get fun surprises every month delivered to my door.  So I have found a new subscription service that totally gets me and I can’t possibly keep it from you all.  For $45 a month (or bimonthly, you decide) Ivory Clasp will send you a bag that totally meshes with your vibe and I’m not talking about a little bit. I’m talking about it was basically made with you in mind.

They set you up with a style quiz that helps them pick the perfect bag for you and this month they totally got me.  Everyone knows I have a mad love affair with fringe so when I went to go open my monthly box and found this guy I was instantly smitten. I mean look at that fringe and not to mention the fact that its Dolce Vita so you know it’s a good purse and you can’t beat that price anywhere. 

So though it appears to be an exclusive membership only club, its totally not. Anyone can join (and should).

Step1: Just click here and take the fun and easy Style Quiz.

Step 2: Choose whether you want a bag every month or every 2 months

Step 3: Click subscribe!

While you focus on life, the stylists will focus on you by personally selecting a stylish new handbag based on your style quiz and send to you!

So what do you do if you don’t love the bag, FREE RETURNS and EXCHANGES* and since you aren’t big into commitment, no worries you can cancel anytime. But honestly, you won’t.

When you sign up, tag me in your pics I want to see  your new bags!