I started my blog as what I thought was going to be a fun hobby and an escape from motherhood. It was going to be an extension of the person I was trying not to lose in the process of becoming a mother. It was going to be my creative outlet to keep one foot in the game of life as an individual and not just “Brooklyn and Charleigh’s Mom.” Well that was close to a year and a half ago and as you can tell by the past tenses thats what my blog was for a short while.

I’m not a blog reader. Never have been. Still not one. So when I started this I wasn’t really sure what I was doing or getting myself into. So I created a name and off we went. I was originally going to write about my career(s), yep two of them. Both different, yet connected by the Interweb. I run them both from my computer on my couch. Hence Modern Day Moguls. Well then to be more personable and relatable, not to mention in the moment, I shared tidbits of my life that made working from home amongst chaos both rewarding and challenging. Those tidbits were my house and love of decorating, my kids, our life in Nashville, my rare glimpses of fashion outside of my t-shirt and yoga pants that have never yogied. Well this is what people liked and responded well too so Modern Day Moguls began to morph into this Lifestyle Genre and teetering on Mommy Blog but trying so hard to not end up there. What exactly is a Lifestyle Blog? It is basically ‘Everything But the Kitchen Sink’. It can be everything and at the same time it can be nothing due to lack of direction.

Every course or class I have taken along the way has preached, niche down. It’s the only way to build an engaged audience and yet I just can’t seem to make it happen. So here we are. I get a lot of people that reach out wanting to know how to start blogging. My response is always just do it. I was amazed when I read in a group one day that someone had their 19th post published and they were almost ready to launch. Whhhhhat? Now my pre-mom type A, OCD self would have probably preferred that method. But this scatter brained, impulsive, unorganized self would have never began if that’s how one begins blogging. I’m actually envious of those with a clear message and hope to one day figure that out. But for now I’m just finding my way.

I typically let circumstances guide my direction. I feel like things are put in the way or in your life for a reason and you should listen. (It took me this long to get to the point). My hubs took on a different roll within his company and is on the road a bit more than before. I’ve been in sales my whole life, so I know sales has some pretty amazing perks. While we are sitting down to macaroni and hot dogs, he is typically wining and dining on steaks and craft beers. He stays in nice hotels. Drives nice cars on the road. Gets to go to cool events. Customers sure are needy, right? haha. He does not hate his job, clearly. Well typically those perks don’t trickle down too far, until recently. He has flown so much this year he qualified for a Southwest Companion Pass. What does that mean for me? Well that means, every time he flies somewhere my Despicable Me Minion AWAY luggage and I get to fly with him and all I have to do is pay taxes and fees. Say whaaaaat? Amazing! Most people don’t qualify until the end of the year so they give you the rest of the year in which you qualified as well as the whole following year.

As I mentioned earlier, I can work from anywhere. So what does that mean for MDM? Well looks like it’s going to morph again into a traveling lifestyle/mommy blog. Where will we go, I have no idea? But I plan on taking you all along with me. Time to take advantage of all hubs hard work and see the country. In celebration of this amazing feat, I set up a photog session with the amazing Bluegenes Photography because I know there is no other way hubs would have liked to celebrate. haha. We met out in East Nashville at the Cornelia Fort Airpark for an all things air photo shoot. And I am so happy with how they turned out. Now I just need Becka to come with me on all my travels.

Best Instagram Husband Ever


Things have been crazy around here with traveling (I’m currently in Indiana) and summer not to mention kids being home is totally killing my productivity on the blog. But very soon, we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming.

In the mean time I wanted to share with you all ANOTHER giveaway since I got so much amazing feedback, because seriously who doesn’t love a giveaway and this one is super simple. So today I have teamed up with two of my faves, Alexie and Rachael, to give away a $300 gift card to Free People!!! Yes. You read that right. One of you guys is going to get $300 to spend at theeeee most beautiful brand I know. Say hello whole new wardrobe. I mean have you guys seen their new fall pieces coming out?

Entering the contest is super simple! All you have to do is comment on each of our blog posts – that is three comments for a chance to win $300!! All the instructions are in the entry form below. Good luck babes!

*Winner will be selected randomly at midnight on Friday, August 4th and announced the following morning. By entering you agree to be subscribed to all three of the giveaway hosts mailing lists. You can unsubscribe at any time after the giveaway. The post is not sponsored by or affiliated with Free People or any other brand.

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You can officially quit scouring the internets. I have rounded up my faves from the home section of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Keep in mind these prices are only available for card holders during Early Access.  Things will sell out, but on July 21st the sale prices will open to the public and both stores and online will restock the goodies, so don’t fret. But learn from me, buy now you can always return if you have buyers remorse.  I missed out on an item that I have been feverishly stalking since it sold out and still kicking myself for not pulling the trigger the moment I fell in love, seeing everyone else apparently fell hard for same item. I’ll tell you what it is once its in my hands.

Keep reading and head to the bottom because I have a fun Giveaway just for you! I have teamed up with Lili Alessandra to give you all a $500 Nordstrom gift card to help lesson the pain.






nordstrom giftcard giveaway

In celebration of the recent launch of Lili Alessandra a maker of fine linens and soft furnishings on I have partnered with a few of my favorite bloggers to give away a $500 Nordstrom gift card! Simply enter below by completing the rafflecopter. You’ll receive one entry per completion. This giveaway is open internationally and ends on 8/2. Winner will be announced here. Good luck!

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I remember being in my late 20s and thinking to myself, I don’t need to be married to eat of nice dishes. So off I went and bought my fine china that all my friends were registering. When it came time for hubs and I to get married we had acquired quite a bit of nice grown up things so our registry looked very different from our parents I would assume. As people are getting married at a later age the things we want to buy as couple to add to our new life has changed. I have listed below some of my top items from my dream registry place, West Elm. I have included gifts under $100 and splurges such as my dream couch just in case you have a friend or family member that really loves you.

Engagement season is upon us in the next couple months so if this is in your near future you need to register at West Elm and since its wedding season now, you need to shop for the lucky couple here. They will forever appreciate your gift. And if you need to send someone a gift, I registered just for fun.


Well unless you have been living under a rock (or visiting Cuba) you are probably well aware of the massive Nordstrom Anniversary Sale going on right now.  Unlike most sales that start discounting summer clothing at this time this is actually pretty amazing deals on hot fall trends. Now because Nordstrom is a higher end brand you can get lost in sales that discount $500 shirt down to $350 and while I love saving a $150 dollars it can’t be saved off a item unless I plan on wearing it daily and well that just doesnt photograph well on Instagram.

So even though I got a late start with this because apparently bloggers everywhere pulled an all nighter getting their shopping done and apparently as a newbie in this realm I didn’t get the memo, I was able to find some pretty amazing deals that are all under $50.  Now that is more up my alley when it comes to shopping. I love bargain prices but this mom bod needs a well built piece of fabric. I need good fit and fabric that will stand up to time since I use a sale like this to buy staples and then use cheaper stores to buy trendier pieces.

So here are my picks! I haven’t bought them all (yet) but the ones I do order will have shown before the sale ends but can’t guarantee they will still have them left. Nordstrom does free shipping and returns so buy now and return later what doesn’t work. If you second guess or decide tomorrow, it’ll probably be gone.

Now your turn, I want to know your favorite picks!

1.)Ashley High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans

2.) Ballet Crop Wide Leg Ponte Jumpsuit

3.) Valencia Off the Shoulder Pullover

4.) Cutout Neck Pullover