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I see this passed around the internet like a badge of honor. Shouted from the rooftops proclaiming you are officially a better mom if your life consists solely around making sure your nuggets are tended to.  I am here to disagree. Gasp. I actually think hobbies and activities outside of your mom duties help make you better wife, mother, friend, etc. Let me explain:

While being completely pigeon holed into a single activity may seem like the best way to be the most awesome version of yourself, it’s not. Variety is the spice of life. Lets embrace it.

3.5 years ago I was lucky enough to become a mother. I still ask myself daily how I ever became fortunate enough to be entrusted with this miraculous human life, but here I am a mothering the hell out of them all while having hobbies, passions, aspirations that come from other things besides changing diapers. A new person within me was born in my the day I became a mother. I had a 12 week maternity leave and figured I would teach myself to paint furniture. It became a hobby, a creative outlet, and eventually a small business that 3.5 years later I am still rocking.

For all those saying, “I don’t have time for hobbies like you since I work” (i hear you and my ears are bleeding). I am NOW a work from home mom but for the first 18 months of my daughters life I worked full time away from home with a LONG commute. When I got home, I changed clothes grab my little nugget and we headed outside to get our fitness on.  Surely there were other ways to spend our time together before dinner and bed, but having this crazy Crossfit addiction aka hobby led us to spending lots of nights in the garage together. Know what she asks me daily now, “are we going to the gym today?” She’s the best accountability partner I’ve ever had. She shows up daily and I have a feeling I am setting her up for a lifetime of great health knowing that she will look at this as a normal part of a day.

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So TODAY l challenge you to find 3 hobbies with the characteristics listed above and shout them out in the comments section below. (Showering doesn’t count, you should be doing that daily as well.) We are all here to cheer you on. Get your mom tribe together and get to hobbying. I think we owe it to our children and spouses but most importantly to ourselves to have hobbies and things that separate us from our “job” as mom.   Find something that ignites fire in your soul. No excuses. I have no nanny, no family that watches my kids, they have actually never even been to a babysitter and they aren’t in school and yet I find a way EVERYDAY. Currently my hobby is theirs so I hand them a brush when I paint or a jumprope when I work out. They don’t hate it. But let’s get this clear my hobbies are theirs, not their hobbies are mine. There’s difference.


Everyone knows that I have a mad love affair for Network Marketing and the amazing Entrepreneurs running their empires from home. So since the holidays are amongst us and if you are anything like me you still have tons of shopping left and those hard to shop for people on your list still need to be crossed off, I have teamed up with the “Best of the Best” Network Marketers to put together a list of gifts that not only will the recipient be stoked about but you will also feel great about  purchasing because you are supporting hard working family owned, home based businesses. I want to support and lift up these Modern Day Moguls and think you should too!



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Untitled design.pngThere is no denying that everyone loves (and deservers) to be pampered. But instead of buying one facial or one manicure buy them 60 (or more). These cosmeceutical grade products are developed by the same Dermatologists that created Proactiv have done it again with Rodan+Fields. They are guaranteed to show results in 60 days or your money back. These gifts can be easily purchased online with link above and shipped direct avoiding all the hassle associated with holiday shopping. Save yourself time and trouble by purchasing something they will look forward to using daily and help them turn back the hands of time while you are at it. Want to save 10% off and FREE shipping send me an email at Thanks for shopping!


Young Living

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Give the gift of HEALTH this holiday season! Young Living has everything you need during this important time of year. You will find gifts for the whole family that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but help boost your immune system, support healthy diet and exercise programs, or simply treat yourself or someone you love to a massage! There is even a whole line of products designed specifically for our furry friends So instead of pulling out the gift receipts and braving the return lines at all of the stores, give your loved ones something that will last a lifetime. You cannot put a price tag on vibrant health. Give the gift of Young Living!
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The search for the ideal haircare company is over. Our naturally-based Treatment Systems provide powerful, clinical results that address the effects of the environment, chemicals, product overuse and — most importantly — hair thinning, hair loss and aging. Between the drugstore, the salon and upscale retailers, the choices are endless. Most consumers repeatedly try and buy new products because the result rarely lives up to the type. Even products we like stop being as effective over time. Why? Most of these products are designed to a narrow set of hair challenges, and as we reach different stages in life, these issues tend to change. Our exclusive blend of vitamins and minerals combat oxidative stress, along with proactive amino acids to repair and replace essential nutrients that actually help grow longer, fuller, stronger, younger-looking hair in just 90 days! Guaranteed!



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Give the gift that gives back. ONEHOPE has donated over $1.5 million and counting to endless charities! It will feels pretty amazing knowing that you are making a change in the world, not to mention your recipients will love these gift baskets in all price ranges. Just by making a simple purchase through ONEHOPE you are making that conscious choice to create that change. Thank you for being a part of the movement in making the world a better place! Indulge. Do Good. Cheers friends!

Plexus Worldwide

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We all know its a busy time of year and easy to let our health fall down the priority list. Give yourself and others the gift that keeps giving, Health! Need more energy? Blood sugar stabilization? Better sleep? Plexus has the products for you. I would love to help you get you or yours started today! Dont wait for the new year, get a jump start with Plexus.



So it’s that time of year again when we start trying to figure out what to get sister who has everything, mom who doesn’t want anything,  wife that refuses to ask for anything, or heaven forbid yourself a nice little something.

So I have compiled a nice little gift guide from Rodan+ Fields full for wonderful ideas for EVERYONE on your list.


AAMEX01-web1.) Everyone likes to pamper themselves. Unfortunately most feel guilty about doing it. (STOP THAT NOW) We all deserve a little pampering and if your kiddos have on the newest pair of hundred dollar shoes they can only fit into for few months, I think you owe it to yourself.  But instead of buying your loved one a one-time facial. Try giving them 52 for the price of 2! Introducing our REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator™.  PC Price $252 even though its above the $200 mark, I included it because its the gift that keeps giving ALL YEAR.

Reclaim your skin’s radiant glow in just five minutes with the REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator™.  Used once a week, this hand-held, personal use exfoliation tool sweeps away dead skin cells leaving behind a smoother, healthier-looking and more luminous complexion.  The proof is in the filter where you can see the dulling, dead outermost skin cells and debris that have been covering up your best skin.

It features patent-pending DOC-SMART™ technology, developed and programmed by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, to vary the degree and duration of macro-exfoliation based on facial area. So effective, the REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator is clinically proven to visibly improve skin texture after only one use.


9832.) Redefine Regimen (or whatever regimen is right for you). PC Price $174 and lower. This is a 2-3 month gift which is why its obviously a favorite. We are all aging all the time, but what that looks like is up to you.

REDEFINE is a comprehensive skincare regimen that layers cosmetic ingredients and proven peptide technology to help defend against and reduce the visible signs of aging for noticeably firmer, smoother, flawless-looking skin.


AMP_MD_System_main3.) REDEFINE AMP MD™ System PC Price of $180 for a 60-120 day supply.  This thing is magical and has full transformed my skin texture.

Take a firm position on aging skin with our patented REDEFINE AMP MD™ System, which includes the noninvasive AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller and REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum. The AMP MD System utilizes micro-exfoliation roller technology for visibly advanced skin-firming benefits. Based on our clinical studies of our REDEFINE Regimen and the AMP MD System, smoother, softer skin can be experienced after just one use. With continued use, the REDEFINE Regimen and the AMP MD System are clinically proven to help skin appear firmer and make lines and wrinkles less noticeable for a more luminous and refined appearance.

BTW you don’t want to share rollers, so make sure you get one for yourself.

2_ENPS125_M2.JPG4.) Im going to take it down a notch on price point and introduce you to our Micro-Dermabrasion. PC Price of $70. This little jar of fun will last you 4-6 months if used 2-3 week! Say what? ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste is a high-glide, oil-free formula designed to promote maximum gentle exfoliation. Use intermittently to enhance cell turnover and improve skin tone and texture. Lucky Magazine reports that it smoothes away rough spots.



EyeClothCreams5.) This powerful duo will make a lasting impression on your loved ones. Eye Cream paired with our peptide infused Eye Cloths are the perfect combo for those “i drank to much eggnog” eyes. Combined PC price of $81. REDEFINE  Multi-Function Eye Cream combines powerful peptides to minimize the appearance of crow’s-feet, helps reduce the appearance of both puffiness and dark under eye circles while special optical diffusers noticeably brighten the eye area.

Wake up to eyes that look youthful and refreshed. Our REDEFINE Eye Cloths serve a dual purpose, removing makeup without tugging and depositing cosmetic ingredients to combat the visible signs of aging. Featuring a unique blend of proven peptides, these cloths minimize the appearance of lines, wrinkles and under-eye puffiness while dissolving stubborn eye makeup, even mascara. REDEFINE Eye Cloths complement every Rodan + Fields skincare system and work with REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream for maximum results




6.) Make-up lovers on your list?  Ive got the perfect pair for them priced at $53 as a PC. ENHANCEMENTS Mineral Peptides and Brush. Add in the bronze color for a gorgeous contouring effect that doesn’t look like you fell in mud.

When it comes to achieving healthy, clear, foundation-free skin, even the most rigorous clinical skincare routines take time to show results. That’s why we created a new treat and protect product that offers both immediate and long-term skin-enhancing benefits that work with any Rodan + Fields Multi-Med™ Therapy regimen. Infused with patent-pending RFp3 technology, ENHANCEMENTS Mineral Peptides SPF 20 supports skin’s resiliency to environmental aggressors and irritants and provides sun protection, while light deflecting minerals immediately even skin tone and reduce redness. Available in Light, Medium and Bronze shades.

Our retractable, anti-bacterial ENHANCEMENTS Mineral Peptides Brush has been specially designed for smooth, natural-looking application of ENHANCEMENTS Mineral Peptides SPF 20. Constructed of synthetic kabuki hairs and treated with a non-toxic, hypoallergenic solution, the brush repels and destroys bacteria. Designed for portability, the brush can be pre-loaded with powder for on-the-go sunscreen re-application.

lip-care-300x208.png7.)Kissable Lip Package. PC Price of $78.

ENHANCEMENTS Lip Micro-Dermabrasion is an effective and convenient exfoliation stick created specifically for one of the areas of your face most prone to showing early signs of aging: your lips. It removes dead skin cells and exfoliates flaky lip tissues in just a few swipes. This easy to use, conditioning treatment makes lips look and feel more defined and youthful by renewing the surface and reducing lipstick bleeding.

Because the skin on lips is so thin, this area is highly sensitive and particularly vulnerable to showing signs of dryness and aging. ESSENTIALS Lip Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 25 goes beyond moisturization to provide protective skincare for the lips. This hydrating lip balm soothes, softens and protects lips from the aging and burning effects of the sun with SHIELDrf, an exclusive complex of stabilized avobenzone and anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory colorless carotenoids for effective UVA sunscreen protection. This non-waxy formula contains collagen-stimulating peptides to smooth lip texture, lipid molecules for long-term moisturization and dimethicone to protect the delicate moisture barrier. Vitamins A, C and E provide anti-oxidant protection, while shea butter, avocado and sunflower seed oil hydrate and moisturize.

When it comes to lips, time and the environment take their toll in a profound way. The smooth, naturally full, defined lips that nature gives us will, over time, become thinner, flatter, less rosy and more lined. Reclaim or maintain the lips of youth with REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum. Each peptide and antioxidant-rich capsule helps lips retain natural moisturizing factors, smoothes lip texture and reduces the appearance of lip wrinkles. 60 capsules. (i get 3 uses out of 1 capsule)


AAHR001-web8.) Want manicured hands that last longer than a week? PC Price of $60.

Our hands are among the hardest working and most environmentally vulnerable parts of our bodies. That’s why the backs of people’s hands often look so much older than their faces. To defend against the telltale signs of skin aging, we created the REDEFINE Hand Treatment Regimen. It visibly brightens, diminishes visible redness and reduces the appearance of brown spots, wrinkles and thin, crepey skin.  Regimen includes REDEFINE Hand Brightening Treatment and REDEFINE Age Shield Hand Balm.

9.) Last but of course not least, men in your life need a little loving too! Check back for more details to be released soon.


Want to order? Check out link below for full product line.

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Sometimes as small business owners we want to spread ourselves across every social media outlet there is, in hopes of reaching our potential customers.  But instead of being GREAT on one or two and making an impact we are barely making a dent on all of them. Lets change focus and choose the one outlet that you will receive the greatest impact.  I found these amazing  info-graphs and think that it does a very good job of helping you decide.


For me Facebook has led my business for almost a year. I’m able to reach my potential customers and business partners well while being able to engage often with them.  But Im changing focus and adding Instagram.  This is where I am also going to start expanding my marketing efforts.  According to this, Pinterest might also be an avenue worth exploring in the future. But from personal experience it is better to take on one at a time and master it well before moving on to the next. What’s your business and what are the social media outlets you should be on? Id love to hear.


This is retest week at my local Crossfit Gym and it got me thinking about why we need coaches or mentors in business, in life, and in general. I have been an avid garage Crossfitter for 4 years. I wasn’t personally invited to Crossfit games or anything, but I was decent.  I had things I was good at and had things I was bad at, aka avoided. Even though I have been an athlete my whole life, I am not a natural at Crossfit. It’s something I have to work hard at in order to be decent. But 4 years later I continue to do it because I enjoy it, I know it works, and it gives me goals and things to work towards outside of home and work which is very important to me.

When we sold our home back in July, we also lost our garage gym. Instead of taking a couple months off until new home is built we joined a local box.  Best decision ever! 3 months in and loving it. This is our second retest week and I am amazed at the improvements in both strength and conditioning. On my own in my garage, I did the things I was good at and enjoyed (which are typically one in the same, right?) Now I have a coach who programs all aspects of Crossfit. Showing up daily and doing the things I am not good at or don’t come naturally is only making me more rounded athlete.

The same can be true in business. We typically avoid the things that we aren’t good but at the expense of hurting our business or aren’t sure what exactly we need to be doing to improve and grow. Hence the need for a business coach. Business coaches will ask more questions than they answer. They will make you think outside the box. They will continue to challenge you in order to see growth.