This is retest week at my local Crossfit Gym and it got me thinking about why we need coaches or mentors in business, in life, and in general. I have been an avid garage Crossfitter for 4 years. I wasn’t personally invited to Crossfit games or anything, but I was decent.  I had things I was good at and had things I was bad at, aka avoided. Even though I have been an athlete my whole life, I am not a natural at Crossfit. It’s something I have to work hard at in order to be decent. But 4 years later I continue to do it because I enjoy it, I know it works, and it gives me goals and things to work towards outside of home and work which is very important to me.

When we sold our home back in July, we also lost our garage gym. Instead of taking a couple months off until new home is built we joined a local box.  Best decision ever! 3 months in and loving it. This is our second retest week and I am amazed at the improvements in both strength and conditioning. On my own in my garage, I did the things I was good at and enjoyed (which are typically one in the same, right?) Now I have a coach who programs all aspects of Crossfit. Showing up daily and doing the things I am not good at or don’t come naturally is only making me more rounded athlete.

The same can be true in business. We typically avoid the things that we aren’t good but at the expense of hurting our business or aren’t sure what exactly we need to be doing to improve and grow. Hence the need for a business coach. Business coaches will ask more questions than they answer. They will make you think outside the box. They will continue to challenge you in order to see growth.

Reverse AP '15

So after a long summer of playing outside a lot it was time to get my skin looking flawless again. Typically all I have to do is walk by a window and a new freckle pops up. Ive had them since I was 5 and I have a feeling I will have them when Im 95. But I don’t want to be all freckles. As a kid I would cover my face in foundation to hide them. Im obviously over that now and will rock them, but why not fade them a little! So Reverse Accelerator Pack to the rescue and 60 days later my skin is so much more even. Feel free to zoom in! No wonder this products win so many awards and backed by 60 Day Guarantee. Worth a shot?


60 day challenge

So I starting using Rodan+Fields products AFTER (gasp) I signed up as a consultant (for the discount, obvi) back in January 2015. I of course wanted all the tools and toys so naturally becoming a consultant and saving 50% off with a business kit was the best idea since I tend to be a little on the thrifty side. So my 60 Day Challenge began. We call it a 60 Day Challenge because you have 60 days to fall in love and if you don’t, send it back empty. No questions asked. Pretty awesome!

Since my adolescent years ended, I have never really had problem skin. Just the normal monthly breakouts, thank you mother nature. But what I wanted more than anything was not to correct a specific problem but more to prevent. Same with going to the gym, except after two babies and a love affair with carbs I am currently still correcting but also preventing future work that will need to be done. So I started with REVERSE, Macro-Exfoliator once a week, Amp MD and of course our coveted Multi-Functional Eye Cream. After the first wash I realized my skin was so dull and I knew this was something different. Before Rodan+Fields, I was a little on the natural side. I used coconut oil for makeup remover, moisturizer, lip gloss, shaving cream, eye cream, conditioner. It was kind of a staple in my house. Not sure if it’s because I’m lazy or I thought it was good for me. But regardless it wasn’t touching those crows feet.


After a round of REVERSE I was excited to try something new. So I started with REDEFINE.  And now I am torn. I can’t choose which one I love more. But the thing I love most is that everyday I am constantly aging. Thats life. But now I have something to slow that process down. REDEFINE shrunk my pores, erased my lines, and overall made my skin feel moisturized and healthy. Notice the color difference in my face? Yeah thats what happens in the summer. I love being outside and if I walk by a window during the day I get a freckle. So I don’t fight it. Which is why I use REDEFINE during the summer months. October 20th with my 60 days on REVERSE Accelerator Pack and I plan on updating to show you all those results next! Spoiler alert…. No more sun damage accrued over the summer.