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We all know having an active social media presence is important for business but sometimes trying to figure out where to start is hard. I’m a one woman show with the occasional help of a VA so I can’t be everywhere at once nor do I feel like I need/want to be. I created my Instagram account in Oct of 2015 so I’m a newbie on this account at 9 months old. It’s been slow and steady but whats more important than anything else is its authentic and real. My engagement rates are over 2x the industry standard and I love that. What’s even more impressive than that is that it is the leading force of website traffic for me. Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.20.43 AM

Being a one woman show I need people to work for me and as shown above IG is my best employee to date and I’d also like to note that this is after the dreaded algorithm has taken place. It is rocking and rolling sending people to my site to introduce them to my amazing products and the business that allows me to live out my dreams while being home with my babes.

So here are a couple tips to make IG start working for you.

  1. Spruce up your photography skills. There are so many online tutorials to make sure you are taking the best photos your phone/camera allows (95% of my photos were taken from my Samsung Note 4. I recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and can already tell a difference in my quality)
  2. Download VSCO and figure out a recipe for your edits. You want cohesion. Need ideas? Check out my Pinterest board for what I mean. Aesthetics wins every time on IG, make it appealing.
  3. Need a call to action. I am always sending people to my website for either a giveaway, new blog post etc. Give people a reason to click the link in bio. This link is good until the 10th. Go enter!!!!

So I’d love to hear how you are going to turn IG into another employee. Leave a comment below.


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Back in February of 2015 Rodan+Fields took the leap into global expansion by entering Canada. Entry into the Canadian market was the first step in the company’s market expansion outside the United States since the San Francisco-based company launched in 2008.

A little back story on the brand. In 2007, Rodan + Fields became the first prestige skincare line to exit the department store and enter the ever changing world of direct selling.  In 2008 Independent Consultants (business owners like me) flocked to the company and opened the doors of their very own virtual franchises with revenue produced far exceeding what retail was ever able to do. Who is behind this brand? Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields created Rodan+Fields not only to help customers achieve great skin from the comfort of their own home, but also to help people build successful independent businesses. You might also recognize their names as world renowned, Stanford-trained dermotologists who still practice in the San Fransisco Area and are responsible for  creating Proactiv® (a global brand in 180 countries).See where I am going with this?

After a wildly successful launch in Canada we have now set our sights on none other than “The Land Down Under.” Unofficially set take over the Skincare market in Australia in fall of 2016. If you don’t think this will be huge you are crazy. I would in face give my 3rd born to be one of the first in Australia. Life changing! These doctors will do with Rodan+Fields the same thing they did with Proactiv® and this is just the beginning.

Here are a couple stats from the most recent Euromoniter  results. Lot of 1’s and 2’s for a company that’s only 8 years old. Psssst, want some insider info? Our competition is all DECADES older than us.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 3.56.58 PM.png

So what does this mean for you? Do you have friends/family/coworkers/internet friends in Australia? Are you Australian? Do you have any connections to the Continent? If so, you are at unbelievable advantage point. We have a unique company and structure in the Social Commerce industry and we are changing the face (see what I did there) of Network Marketing. We aren’t a party company. We don’t carry inventory. We don’t have to deliver product or deal with returns. 100% of our business is done via a personal website that you don’t even have to set up!  People are just looking for a place to purchase these talked about products. Why don’t you be the person they buy from?

Interested in more information? Want to be added to a private FB group to keep up to date on this exciting launch? Fill out the info below and I will get you added.

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Want to see what your future business product page will look like, check out my store here.

Want more information on the business itself? Check out my business page here.

If you have ever had the desire to own your own business or be your own boss but you were scared or didn’t know where to start then this opportunity is for you! You will have a team of successful business owners behind you helping you navigate through entrepreneurship. These are people that will cheer you on, support you,strategize with you and help you all along the way all while working from home (or beach, or pool, or coffee shop).  It’s ingenious really!

Look forward to hearing from you!



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Time is one of those entities you will never get back. As a working from home mom of two toddlers, time is of essence for me. I’m running a business, running a home, and running playtime throughout the day all while trying not to run away. One of the main reasons I decided to go back to work after taking a sabbatical from Corporate America to try this SAHM mom gig was because this particular opportunity would allow me the time to still do the things I love while being able to contribute financially. Win Win, right?!

Now as you all know social media can suck you in and before you know it you are years deep in a strangers social media feed terrified of double clicking. In order to be wildly successful and yet still keep a flexible work schedule I have several steps I have learned along the way to I need to be able to keep a flexible work schedule that doesn’t consume my day:


1.) Emails are checked and returned in the morning and after kids go to bed. End of story.

2.) Social Media planners are my friend. I know when engagement is at its highest and the last thing I want to do is stare at my beautiful watch waiting for the right time to click “post.” I’d rather just sit at the pool staring at my watch while my posts are automatically being sent out. I typically schedule my posts out a week or so. I know some super boss babes that schedule a month in advance. #workgoals

3.)Have designated work hours. Sounds counter intuitive to the reasons I joined Rodan+Fields but having set “office hours” where my team knows they can reach me or where I check off my work to do list (no housework allowed) has been so beneficial. It coincides with my 3 hour block of nap time a day. Yes my 2 and 4 year old both still nap at least 3 hours a day. And if they chose not to nap then they know to stay put in bed. Mom rules are tough but it’s the only thing that keeps me sober till dad gets home.

4.)HAVE A LIST. Write it down. Complete it then cross it off. Though this sounds so very simple so many people don’t do it. And trust me it is instant gratification when that lines goes across those letters. Ever sit down at end of the day and wonder what you did all day? Terrible feeling. Now you have the proof you didn’t pass out.

5.) Have a plan. Stop trying to go out there and wing it every day. I know based on what has been successful for me in the past what I need to do to continue being successful. So I start each month with a plan of action. Goals are set then I follow those goals up with daily and weekly steps needed to reach those goals.

Share your time saving tips below that keep you sane while trying to rule the world.



I’ve teamed up with my friends at JORD Wood Watches  to host a GIVEAWAY and give one lucky winner (but don’t worry, all participants walk away with something) a chance to be stylish while staying on time. “Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.”

I only choose to work with companies I believe in and can stand behind.  “JORD is run by artists, designers, marketers, and minders. We spend our days creating, considering, arguing, and hopefully agreeing. Then we’ll scrap it all for the joy of starting new. We have fun. This is our journey.” Who doesn’t want to be on that journey?



One lucky winner will be chosen at random JORD’s system for a $75 e-voucherENTER HERE!
Everyone else who enters (excluding the winner) will get a $20 e-voucher card that can be applied to any watch on the JORD website. If you win, you will automatically receive an email and I will also reach out to you personally.
If you love mine pictured above as much as I do, you can find it here!
Hurry the LAST DAY to enter is July 10th at 11:59pm so make sure to enter NOW!
This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, they will love me even more and perhaps hire me to work with them again. Plus you will find out about an amazing company and brand. Winning all around. Enjoy friends.
Check out my amazing photog BlueGenes Photography.

June 4th, 2012 at 5:30a I walked into Centennial Hospital a different woman than the one that left 3 days later. I was quite unsure of my mothering capabilities but overall very optimistic regardless of the fact I had never changed a diaper or really held a newborn. I mean what could go wrong, right?  Something changed though in my heart and soul and I know I will never be the same person that walked into that hospital that morning. And for that I will be forever grateful to my firstborn, Brooklyn Ava.

I tell her all the time “you made me a mommy”

which she follows up with, “I built you?”

“Yes baby girl, you built me.”

Then two years minus one day later we are walking back into that same hospital about to be a family of four. I had a twinge of guilt bringing this baby #2 into this world and rocking the boat. I was afraid B wouldn’t take well to the situation, resent us and end up in prison or something worse and of course it would be my fault. But it was love at first site and our family was complete. Low and behold, I left that hospital nothing like the person walking into it.  My heart exploded once again as well as my anxiety and fear.  Raising kids is scary shit.

So every year, my husband jokes with me aka he laughs while I stare blanky at him. He asks me, “so is this their party or yours?”  Well you see it’s kind of both. I look at their birthdays, June 3rd and June 4th, as my birthday too. A new person was born with each of their births. Someone I never even knew existed. Goals changed, dreams changed, life changed, I changed. So when I’m planning their over the top Pinterest explosion of a birthday, not because I feel I have to but because I truly enjoy it, it’s for them but it’s also for me.



Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 3.27.16 PM.pngWe went to two birthday parties in one weekend a couple months ago. One was a tea party and one was an ice cream social. So I started asking Brooklyn what kind of party she wanted them to have. She said donut and that’s when the theme for this year was born. First thing i found was these adorable donut plates and knew this would be the color theme and whole party would revolve around these plates.


Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 3.44.38 PM.png

Food for this party was actually very easy to do and quite affordable. We ordered chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A and had bite sized waffles for a fun take on Chicken and Waffles. Then did mini pancake stacks, frenchtoast sticks, fruit, cinnamon rolls, donut seeds aka fruit loops, and last but not least donut holes and of course donuts. Needless to say a week out and we are still eating breakfast for 3 meals a



Since there would be plenty of parents here as well I wanted some fun adult beverage options. It was at 9:30am and clearly I didn’t plan on our friends being as fun as they are because our Bloody Mary bar was the most happening place until it ran out. Thankfully we had back ups of screwdrivers, mimosas, wine and champs to hold us over. Check out that sign over my bar cart. My girlfriend Kate  made if for me and it couldn’t be any more perfect for this space, could it? Check out her IG. She is so very talented.




Last and not least, desserts. Since this party was at 9:30a and we obviously had quite a bit of sugar already provided I went a little light on desserts. My husband’s aunt is a very talented baker and made these cookies and cake. It traveled 5 hours to get to us.  These desserts actually taste better than they look too. Yes! thats a cake that looks like a stack of pancakes. There is even a slab of butter on top. 13346290_10103899594892465_1015078436464672988_o.jpg

And bacon and egg cookies. I actually hid the left overs from the family and have been eating my bacon and eggs every morning since. #paleoish #amiright


Best part of this party, no getting kids dressed.  All the kids wore their pajamas. I found these adorable robes on Etsy for the girls to wear. Of course Charleigh took hers off shortly after I put it on her but, but seriously how cute are they?


Happy Birthday to my loves.  Not sure how we will ever top the last year but we will sure try. One of the greatest joys is watching you all grow and being able to experience life through your eyes is truly amazing. Thank you for building me.13323264_10103899598789655_943586080302216323_o.jpg


Our first beach trip is coming up in a couple weeks and I am making sure we have everything we need to have a wonderful time! This is actually our first beach trip as just a family of four. So I’m not going to be able to rely on my Mom or MIL with much more mothering experience then me. 2016-04-21 02.46.52 1.jpgHere goes nothing!

These are just a few of our necessities! They say “the bigger the better” and that definitely stands true for hats in the sun. Baseball caps typically cover middle of face leaving chin, jaw, ears, and neck vulnerable. I picked up this hat for $5 at Target. I usually  have a hard time finding hats because I have a larger head than normal. But this works.

Sunless Tanner


So I have a saying and it’s “if you can’t tone it, tan it” well I am currently in the process of toning it but it has been taking a bit longer than expected so I am going to have to do quite a bit of tanning.  And obviously, I’m no longer a teenager who thinks Im invincible so sunless tanning it is for me. I’m sure you have seen before but Rodan+Fields Sunless Tanner wins award after award and always sells out. So I have stocked up and I will NOT be headed to the beach without it. Not to mention it can go on your face with no problems.


 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30


 If you have never tried Essentials SPF you must. The smell is to die for! It goes on beautifully never feeling greasy. My kids ask for it before heading out. In addition to my beach bag, this stays in my gym bag and purse. You never know when you will be outside a little longer than normal and my kids are fair so it hits them quick!

Soothe Mineral Sunscreen

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.44.12 PM.png

I like to use a mineral-based sunscreen on my face so this one wins every time. It doesn’t leave a white film and leaves my skin feeling fab.

Broad spectrum SPF 30 contains only mineral-based sunscreen ingredients to protect skin without compromising skin’s delicate moisture barrier. This lightweight formula calms, soothes and minimizes the appearance of visible redness.

ESSENTIALS Lip Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 25

These guys are another thing I keep EVERYWHERE. My little one gets fever blisters from the sun so keeping her lips protected is a m640x394xRF-SPF-25-Lip-Shield-1024x631_jpg_pagespeed_ic_mLSCMMyvqD.jpgust. If you have ever dealt with kids and fever blisters you know why!

Helps me defend my lips against the aging effects of the sun while treating them to moisturizing lipid molecules and peptides to help boost collagen production and smooth lip texture. Blocks harmful UVA rays with SHIELDrf, our exclusive complex of avobenzone, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, while hydrating and moisturizing lips with shea butter, avocado and sunflower seed oil. This anti-aging lip balm also contains dimethicone to protect lips’ delicate moisture barrier and antioxidant vitamins A, C and E to defend against free radicals, leaving you with soft, smooth, healthy-looking lips

Redefine Eye Cloths

f3561134574c2209bf3ad26851cb2dcb.jpgLong day at the beach or pool and its time to go grab dinner or a snack. Well these come in very handy to wipe the grime away from the day. Takes puffiness out of your skin while delivering peptides for anti aging. I actually freeze them individually in a ziplock bag and then throw it in cooler, at end of day take it out and instantly feel refreshed and confident i won’t scare small children.


What are you summertime essentials? Id love to hear from ya. Interested in trying


Have a wonderful day.