You can officially quit scouring the internets. I have rounded up my faves from the home section of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Keep in mind these prices are only available for card holders during Early Access.  Things will sell out, but on July 21st the sale prices will open to the public and both stores and online will restock the goodies, so don’t fret. But learn from me, buy now you can always return if you have buyers remorse.  I missed out on an item that I have been feverishly stalking since it sold out and still kicking myself for not pulling the trigger the moment I fell in love, seeing everyone else apparently fell hard for same item. I’ll tell you what it is once its in my hands.

Keep reading and head to the bottom because I have a fun Giveaway just for you! I have teamed up with Lili Alessandra to give you all a $500 Nordstrom gift card to help lesson the pain.






nordstrom giftcard giveaway

In celebration of the recent launch of Lili Alessandra a maker of fine linens and soft furnishings on I have partnered with a few of my favorite bloggers to give away a $500 Nordstrom gift card! Simply enter below by completing the rafflecopter. You’ll receive one entry per completion. This giveaway is open internationally and ends on 8/2. Winner will be announced here. Good luck!

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I remember being in my late 20s and thinking to myself, I don’t need to be married to eat of nice dishes. So off I went and bought my fine china that all my friends were registering. When it came time for hubs and I to get married we had acquired quite a bit of nice grown up things so our registry looked very different from our parents I would assume. As people are getting married at a later age the things we want to buy as couple to add to our new life has changed. I have listed below some of my top items from my dream registry place, West Elm. I have included gifts under $100 and splurges such as my dream couch just in case you have a friend or family member that really loves you.

Engagement season is upon us in the next couple months so if this is in your near future you need to register at West Elm and since its wedding season now, you need to shop for the lucky couple here. They will forever appreciate your gift. And if you need to send someone a gift, I registered just for fun.


In my little corner of the internet the only thing people are talking about is the upcoming Nordstroms Anniversary Sale  but people, that doesn’t start until July 13th  (if you are a card holder) so let’s not put Christmas decorations out in Oct and let’s celebrate Amazons Prime Day.  Now this might be a little confusing to you since at least in my house hold, every day is Prime Day (sorry hubs) but today is a special day over at Amazon.


This year is Amazons 3rd Annual Prime Day beginning 6PM PST/9PM EST unless you have Alexa and she allows you to voice shop early.

Tips to Conquer Prime Day

  • refresh your browser every 5 mins. That’s how often new deals are posted until 3am ET on July 12th
  • make sure you aren’t in spotty service and you have the APP
  • Not a Prime Member yet? Sign up today and use the 30 day trial period
  • Go HERE to watch deals. Helps keep a tab on the ones you want.
  • If you miss a deal, there will be a waitlist to join


Expected Sale Items You Need

So I love Target as much as the next momster but their constant need to add new home decor weekly which in turn makes me want to redecorate weekly is going to force us into the poor house. So I have stumbled upon some hidden gems in Nashville that I have to share with you all. But don’t you worry Non-Nashvillians these stores actually have multiple locations and not just a couple there are tons of locations.  Just a fair warning, these home decor shopping hacks will have you never spending full price on Target goods again. So continue at your own risk.

  1. Bargain Hunt: If you are in the midwest or Southeast there is probably one near you. These stores add additional markdown to items that have been there for awhile. So I purchased this bar cart  (still listed on Targets site for $116) from BH for $45. Not too shabby. Any that’s not the only bar cart I have purchased from there. I currently have 3 in my house and allot least 50% off current prices in store. This used to be my go to for baby stuff like car seats and strollers too. I recently was in one and noticed they are now an Amazon retailer as well.

2. Dirt Cheap: This is one I have debated telling you all about, because it’s a gold mine. Literally. So far everything I have purchased from this store is 80-90% off of prices in the stores.  This is another store that discounts things the longer they have been there and apparently the stuff I love has been there awhile. In fact, recently when I went I scored a gold end table for $1. Remember these Nate Berkus leather stools? They were $99 in store when I bought these for $9 each. This store actually takes shopping carts and fills them up with stuff that’s been there for awhile and sells the whole shopping cart for….wait for it. $10. My husband would kill me if I came home with a packed shopping cart of knick knacks, so if you want to go halfsies let me know. 




A couple weeks before Thanksgiving I hinted around to hubs, I wanted to change up the living room. He is always so very understanding about my need to constantly redecorate so of course he was up for throwing around ideas. But with it being near Christmas and lets be honest this room was decorated a year earlier when we moved in so I made the comment “I won’t spend a dollar more than what I can make from selling what we have.”  Well since it was my idea and I’m always up for good challenge we had a deal.

My style evolves. One thing that is relatively common amongst my different styles is that I tend to play it safe with colors and stick to neutrals. If I wanted something for pop, I add pillows and throws. This is how I typically redecorate on the cheap. But this time I wanted to get away from the more traditional feel of my furniture and go towards a more of a mid-century modern with a splash of monochromatic while still keeping my somethings old.  I love mixing styles. My worst nightmare in design would be a matching loveseat and couch. Ha.

Here are some pictures of the items I was looking at replacing. We invested a decent amount in this Restoration Hardware but unfortunately it never held up to our standards. It never looked like the showrooms and always looked so slouchy except for the chairs but honestly no one ever sat in them.

Items Listed for Sale and How Much they Sold for:(full disclosure we didn’t pay retail for the RH stuff, most likely on sale and couldn’t believe how much it sold for. But it was in really good condition still)

$2,265 was a nice little budget to get this party started. One of the requests of my husband was that he wanted a leather sofa. Welp, budget blown. Those guys aren’t cheap. #amiright? This was my original inspo board.

Only problem this setup was close to 3 times my current budget. Back to the drawing board we go!


So I couldn’t swing a leather couch especially since I wanted a big couch. So I found this chair and was instantly sold. Macy’s (now this is listed on site for so much more than we paid.) We paid with tax and shipping $1,175 and this was our splurge of the project. So $1,090 left to go.  Now full disclosure I was gifted this amazing mirror from Ballard Designs from my parents because I am their favorite. So that didn’t come out of my budget. But the stars aligned and it totally makes the room look amazing. 

Buying a couch online is scary. Especially since we bought a very well known brand and it failed our expectations. But I found this guy on line at Joss and Main and the specs on it were impressive, not to mention to price was amazing at $771.95 thats shipped and delivered. Yay! That leaves me with $318.05 so I splurged more than I normally do on a rug and got this guy from Rugs USA for $213.80.  The “coffee table” which i actually never had one before was just moved from another room in our house and is an old trunk. Last but not least I just picked up the two black chairs from Hobby Lobby they weren’t part of the original budget but I couldn’t stop thinking about them (like for weeks, so you know you need them) and they were so similar to the $775 EACH chairs in the original design these guys were only $131.10 combined. So I had to come up with $26 to cover it and sold my husbands Playstation. hahah. I’d say project was a success. 


I don’t know if any of you guys remembered that pink bench also pictured here well obviously that needed a redo as well and I love how it turned out. Everyone loves some black and white polka dots. The lights and side tables were all repurposed from different areas in the house. 


When we built this house a year ago we opted out of the built in desk in the kitchen. It tends to turn into a catch all for junk. So for the time being we had that copper bench there. Well when we sold that I replaced it with a desk from our bedroom to free up space in there. Plus working in my bedroom wasn’t as feasible as in the main living area. So until we get a build in bar or buffet, my desk works well right here.


This was so fun project and can’t wait to do the next room.