My girls turned 3 and 5 this June (turned being in past tense because clearly I’m a bit behind on their birthday party reveal.  They have birthdays a day apart (but two years in between) so naturally we still have joint birthday parties. And because I only have to throw one, I typically go a little over board but only because in a past life I was a party planner. I genuinely love it.  But this year we didn’t plan well. We were out of the country leading up to the party so my planning got sidetracked and rushed plus we got back and had days to put it together. So all of this to say I slacked big time, but guess what my girls thought it was the best one yet. See birthdays are for me, not them.

They don’t quite understand birthdays and know that they have a voice in the theme so until then, Im planning it as I want and as soon as they start begging for cartoon birthdays we will just stop celebrating. Kidding. Kinda.

So this years theme is “Let’s Flamingle”

If my girls take away any of the wisdom I bestow on them I want them to know to never blend in. I want them to see their value and see what I see. So while everyone else is off being pigeons I want them to be a flamingo.

“be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons”

Just so happens flamingos are everywhere which also makes that much easier to pull off in days. We decided the easiest place to have it would be at our neighborhood pool. That way we don’t have to worry about entertainment or cleaning up for days. Plus when I saw this invitation from Minted I knew it was the one.

Next up decor. I am a DIYer at heart so this broke my heart to do, but most came straight from the Internet.

I knew I wanted these flamingo drink holders because kids would love them, plus they made cute party favors and I want them for future pool days. These are still played with daily in my house and you can’t beat the price. And what is a pool party without beach balls.


These were also something I bought knowing I could use again because of the colors. 16 of $10 too is a great deal.  Purchase here

If you get this banner, don’t leave it to the last minute. Its super cute and way easier than doing it myself and the cricut and actually cheaper than I could make myself I bet.  But its not put together and will need a few minutes. Buy here

Now my cake was a huge disappointment. What I went into the bakery with and what I left with were so different. But it still tasted delicious and we were able to have enough to feed the whole pool. Winning!

Now I did get told by one friend how obnoxious my forks were so id say thats a win. I figured I had to DIY something.


These palm leaves went perfectly with the pink table cloth we laid down on the pool tables. Then of course what kind of party is complete without yard flamingos.

June 4th, 2012 at 5:30a I walked into Centennial Hospital a different woman than the one that left 3 days later. I was quite unsure of my mothering capabilities but overall very optimistic regardless of the fact I had never changed a diaper or really held a newborn. I mean what could go wrong, right?  Something changed though in my heart and soul and I know I will never be the same person that walked into that hospital that morning. And for that I will be forever grateful to my firstborn, Brooklyn Ava.

I tell her all the time “you made me a mommy”

which she follows up with, “I built you?”

“Yes baby girl, you built me.”

Then two years minus one day later we are walking back into that same hospital about to be a family of four. I had a twinge of guilt bringing this baby #2 into this world and rocking the boat. I was afraid B wouldn’t take well to the situation, resent us and end up in prison or something worse and of course it would be my fault. But it was love at first site and our family was complete. Low and behold, I left that hospital nothing like the person walking into it.  My heart exploded once again as well as my anxiety and fear.  Raising kids is scary shit.

So every year, my husband jokes with me aka he laughs while I stare blanky at him. He asks me, “so is this their party or yours?”  Well you see it’s kind of both. I look at their birthdays, June 3rd and June 4th, as my birthday too. A new person was born with each of their births. Someone I never even knew existed. Goals changed, dreams changed, life changed, I changed. So when I’m planning their over the top Pinterest explosion of a birthday, not because I feel I have to but because I truly enjoy it, it’s for them but it’s also for me.



Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 3.27.16 PM.pngWe went to two birthday parties in one weekend a couple months ago. One was a tea party and one was an ice cream social. So I started asking Brooklyn what kind of party she wanted them to have. She said donut and that’s when the theme for this year was born. First thing i found was these adorable donut plates and knew this would be the color theme and whole party would revolve around these plates.


Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 3.44.38 PM.png

Food for this party was actually very easy to do and quite affordable. We ordered chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A and had bite sized waffles for a fun take on Chicken and Waffles. Then did mini pancake stacks, frenchtoast sticks, fruit, cinnamon rolls, donut seeds aka fruit loops, and last but not least donut holes and of course donuts. Needless to say a week out and we are still eating breakfast for 3 meals a day.food.jpg



Since there would be plenty of parents here as well I wanted some fun adult beverage options. It was at 9:30am and clearly I didn’t plan on our friends being as fun as they are because our Bloody Mary bar was the most happening place until it ran out. Thankfully we had back ups of screwdrivers, mimosas, wine and champs to hold us over. Check out that sign over my bar cart. My girlfriend Kate  made if for me and it couldn’t be any more perfect for this space, could it? Check out her IG. She is so very talented.




Last and not least, desserts. Since this party was at 9:30a and we obviously had quite a bit of sugar already provided I went a little light on desserts. My husband’s aunt is a very talented baker and made these cookies and cake. It traveled 5 hours to get to us.  These desserts actually taste better than they look too. Yes! thats a cake that looks like a stack of pancakes. There is even a slab of butter on top. 13346290_10103899594892465_1015078436464672988_o.jpg

And bacon and egg cookies. I actually hid the left overs from the family and have been eating my bacon and eggs every morning since. #paleoish #amiright


Best part of this party, no getting kids dressed.  All the kids wore their pajamas. I found these adorable robes on Etsy for the girls to wear. Of course Charleigh took hers off shortly after I put it on her but, but seriously how cute are they?


Happy Birthday to my loves.  Not sure how we will ever top the last year but we will sure try. One of the greatest joys is watching you all grow and being able to experience life through your eyes is truly amazing. Thank you for building me.13323264_10103899598789655_943586080302216323_o.jpg