Carmex– A Girl Moms Saving Grace

After an amazing summer of sleeping in late, staying up later, eating lunch in PJs, and basically doing anything we want all day with no schedule the end is near. We have a couple more weeks of preparing for school to start again so we are getting back on track slowly with earlier bedtimes and a routine. My old type-A self would have loved this but my current type-B wants it to stay summer year round.

If I can get through the morning charades of getting dressed without a meltdown I feel as if I have conquered the world.  I have one overly opinionated daughter and then one who totally goes with the flow when it come to getting dressed. So laying out clothing isn’t necessarily a good fit for us. Instead I just send my little ones up to get dressed and then prepare to look the other way and accept their fashion sense.

Now any mom of girls has probably heard this before, “mom we are ready. Don’t we look pretty in our lipstick?”

MDM partnered with Carmex for this blog post. As expected, all opinions are my own.

My walls, carpet, furniture, bedding is all light and doesn’t work well with girls that have a love for red lipstick and a lack of motor skills or really bad eye sight. So after several days of this happening we had to come up with a solution to keep everyone happy.

We spent the morning picking out all the back to school goodies (ones we need and as well as don’t need) to make our little hearts happy. Not being in school yet our list is a little different than most. But we made sure to grab plenty of Carmex for our pencil pouches, backpacks, lunch boxes, and of course our vanities for “putting their lipstick on.”

I have been a Carmex user since as far back as I can remember (Carmex® Classic Lip Balm is my fave). So naturally it was the first thing I thought of when looking for a lipstick replacement. Here are a couple varieties I grabbed.

Carmex Comfort Care™ Lip Balm (2017 Product of the Year)

A natural* blend of soothing colloidal oatmeal, fruit seed oil and sugar plum flavor that helps restore moisture for smoother, healthier, naturally beautiful lips

  • Crafted with a soothing blend of colloidal oatmeal and cold-pressed antioxidant-rich fruit seed oil
  • Helps restore lips’ natural beauty with long-lasting moisture
  • Visibly smoother, healthier looking lips

Carmex® Classic Lip Balm

Squeezable medicated lip balm that goes on smooth to soothe and protect dry, chapped lips with SPF 15 and a sweet cherry flavor

  • Provides long-lasting protective barrier to help healing
  • Glides on smoothly to help soften and hydrate lips with moisturizing cocoa butter
  • Cools and soothes lips with camphor and menthol

Carmex® Classic Lip Balm

The iconic medicated lip balm that generations have relied on to soothe and protect dry, chapped lips.

Not only do the girls love the feeling on their lips. Plus with the AC in schools, I know their lips are protected from drying out and cracking. But they also love the smell of them. In fact at any given time they have quite a bit of “lippy” under their nose from smelling.


MDO Back to School Must Haves 

Most likely your teachers will provide a list of things you will need. But I remember last year feeling very overwhelmed with it being our first year and having both kids at same time. Different teachers, different lists. Here are a couple things I keep in their backpacks just in case.

  • Carmex
  • Backpack
  • PlanetBox Lunchbox
  • Waterbottle
  • Antibacterial waterless soap
  • Pillow, blanket, nap mat
  • Change of clothes and shoes
  • Photo from home
  • Tissues/Wipes
  • Large bag to carry everything in. Especially useful if you have more than one kid at school.
  • Lastly I let them pick out a few things that they feel they need for school and put them in a pencil pouch.




Woohoo! You guys did it. You made it to Friday. Time to clock out momma. Ha! Just kidding but let’s still all celebrate making it through another week.  You all know I am always on the hunt for an online boutique I can shop at wearing no pants, with great prices, and unique offerings. Well I found another one that I can’t possibly keep from you all another minute. Not to mention, its a total BOSSBABE story which as you know I’m all about women bossing it.

Filly Flair started back in 2010 in the basement by a single gal with a dream and a vision to make something amazing out of nothing.  Fast forward a couple years they have grown into a full fledged warehouse with 20+ employees shipping out hundreds of thousands of orders. Talk about living the American Dream, right?

Their goal was to create clothing that makes women feel beautiful in their own skin and they totally nailed that as you can see from the pictures below. I would also like to point out that the items I am about to show you were all under $50 each and will totally be transitioned from summer weather we are currently in to the fall. And they offer free ship over $50. But act fast because stuff goes fast.

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own as you can always expect from me.


My kids will be the first to tell you how much I love cactus and as you can tell from past posts  kimonos are a wardrobe staple in my life. So this cactus kimono was love at first site. I am currently wearing it with shorts and sandals and as we transition into Fall I will pair it up with jeans and booties. Its lightweight enough now to wear it and enough room to be able to layer a small sweater underneath it as it gets colder. As for sizing I would say this fits TTS. It seriously added major pep to my step as I strutted through downtown Nashville.



This dress is perfect for summer wedding season or a girl lunch with your little. It will also work so well come fall by throwing a bomber over it and wearing it with booties or OTK boots. I loved the large floral print and flowy material not mention that gorgeous halter neck looks great on everyone.

PS. This ran TTS


Vintage Dream Babydoll Top

If you were to take a step inside my closet you would see that black is a prominent color. Its in almost everything I wear. I can dress it up, I can dress it down. It makes doing laundry easy, it always looks puts together. Its good for every season. Basically its perfection. Which is why I had to have this adorable top in my life.  Its long enough to wear with yoga pants and cover the bum. This one has an acid wash so its on the edgier side which I absolutely love. Its currently not on their site so instead I linked you to the other colors in the same cut. Its super flattering and very comfortable. The fact that its $32 is just icing on the cake. I am wearing it with jean shorts right now and jeans. During fall I will throw a bomber jacket on top and be ready to rock the fall. Add a long necklace and you are good to go. This outfit went from lunch with my littles to Happy Hour with my friends.

PS.This ran TTS.

You all know I have mad love for subscription boxes. For me to receive amazing products at my doorstep saves me time and frustration. You all know Rachel Zoe and you know she wouldn’t put something together that wasn’t worth its weight in gold. Well here she is killing it on her subscription box. Here is what is included in the Summer ’17 box which is still up for grabs but not for much longer.  And because you are my favorite people ever. I have an exclusive $25 off the Summer Box of Style for YOU. Discount Code: SUN25  and SHOP HERE. This code is good until August 10th, 2017 or until the Summer Box sells out.

The items in this box retail for over $450! Hurry if you use the code and link above it can all be yours for $75. Seriously amazing.


    Lightweight and luxe, Helena Quinn’s floral kimono is one of our favorite collabs yet—and a gorgeous addition to your summer arsenal. Wear it over a T-shirt and jeans, by the pool with a classic one-piece or post-shower when indulging in an at-home spa day.

    Helena Quinn Custom Kimono, Retail Value: $120


    Handmade by talented artists, this delicate pendant helps provide above-average wages and health insurance for young mothers in Cambodia. Gold-plated with a compass design, it’s the perfect layering piece to wear every day.

    The Brave Collection Compass Necklace, Retail Value: $115


    Fend off summer rays in the chicest of ways via these sleek frames. Choose between timeless black or modern tortoise, then throw them on and go.

    RAEN Durante Sunglasses, Retail Value: $150

    Detailed with lightweight straw and chic black pom-poms, this on-trend topper will give you vacation vibes all summer. Style it with the Helena Quinn kimono, a one-piece swimsuit and slide sandals for an oceanside look.

    Sole Society Straw Panama Hat, Retail Value: $27


    Formulated without harmful ingredients, this hibiscus-hued blush is indispensable for the sultry season. Sweep it on your cheeks and lips for a pretty pick-me-up day or night.

    Beautycounter Color Pinch Cream Blusher, Retail Value: $27


    Don’t leave home without this sleek sunscreen stick. Made with organic coconut oil and acai fruit oil, it offers water-resistant sun protection that goes on sheer—your skin will love it.

    Beautycounter Protect Stick Sunscreen, Retail Value: $18


I know you are wanting info on my amaze photog. She is the best. Check her out at Bluegenes Photography


Offer valid for new subscriptions only from August 2, 2017, 12:01am PST through August 10, 2017, 11:59pm PST. or while supplies last. $25 discount valid for new subscriptions only. Discount is applied only to initial transaction of subscriptions. Thereafter, seasonal subscriptions renew at $99.99 and annual subscriptions renew at $349.99 (plus tax where applicable). Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases and cannot be redeemed for cash, used in combination with any other offer, or applied to a product add-on purchase that does not include a subscription. To redeem online, enter code SUN25 in the promo code box at checkout.

Now is the time of the season when I am over the heat of the summer and dressing for humidity and hotness and getting excited about cooler temps of fall. We still have many more weeks of wamer temps left but with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale everyone has fall on their mind and in their shopping carts.

I went to Nordstrom the other day to check out what goodies they had on sale in the store and ended up passing over all sale items for this amazing kimono. As you all have probably gathered by now color or pattern arent typically my thing but every now and then I stumble upon a piece both colorful and big patterned and its love at first site. Thats what happened with this guy. I plan on sporting it for the next couple weeks/months/years depending on our weather just like this.

Besides the versatility of a kimono another thing that I love about them is that they are really good at hiding that baby weight I havent been able to lose in years. Throw a kimono on and instantly feel 15# lighter. In regards to sizing, I actually tried on a large which is what I normally wear and ended up sizing down and loving the fit.

Nordstrom Kimono-2Nordstrom Kimono-4Nordstrom Kimono-3

Once those temperatures start getting a little cooler, I plan rock this kimono with some of my favorite jeans , tshirt and closed toed shoes (clearly not pictured here yet). It’s flowly enough to put a light sweater under as well.

Nordstrom Kimono-7Nordstrom Kimono-5Nordstrom Kimono-6


I started my blog as what I thought was going to be a fun hobby and an escape from motherhood. It was going to be an extension of the person I was trying not to lose in the process of becoming a mother. It was going to be my creative outlet to keep one foot in the game of life as an individual and not just “Brooklyn and Charleigh’s Mom.” Well that was close to a year and a half ago and as you can tell by the past tenses thats what my blog was for a short while.

I’m not a blog reader. Never have been. Still not one. So when I started this I wasn’t really sure what I was doing or getting myself into. So I created a name and off we went. I was originally going to write about my career(s), yep two of them. Both different, yet connected by the Interweb. I run them both from my computer on my couch. Hence Modern Day Moguls. Well then to be more personable and relatable, not to mention in the moment, I shared tidbits of my life that made working from home amongst chaos both rewarding and challenging. Those tidbits were my house and love of decorating, my kids, our life in Nashville, my rare glimpses of fashion outside of my t-shirt and yoga pants that have never yogied. Well this is what people liked and responded well too so Modern Day Moguls began to morph into this Lifestyle Genre and teetering on Mommy Blog but trying so hard to not end up there. What exactly is a Lifestyle Blog? It is basically ‘Everything But the Kitchen Sink’. It can be everything and at the same time it can be nothing due to lack of direction.

Every course or class I have taken along the way has preached, niche down. It’s the only way to build an engaged audience and yet I just can’t seem to make it happen. So here we are. I get a lot of people that reach out wanting to know how to start blogging. My response is always just do it. I was amazed when I read in a group one day that someone had their 19th post published and they were almost ready to launch. Whhhhhat? Now my pre-mom type A, OCD self would have probably preferred that method. But this scatter brained, impulsive, unorganized self would have never began if that’s how one begins blogging. I’m actually envious of those with a clear message and hope to one day figure that out. But for now I’m just finding my way.

I typically let circumstances guide my direction. I feel like things are put in the way or in your life for a reason and you should listen. (It took me this long to get to the point). My hubs took on a different roll within his company and is on the road a bit more than before. I’ve been in sales my whole life, so I know sales has some pretty amazing perks. While we are sitting down to macaroni and hot dogs, he is typically wining and dining on steaks and craft beers. He stays in nice hotels. Drives nice cars on the road. Gets to go to cool events. Customers sure are needy, right? haha. He does not hate his job, clearly. Well typically those perks don’t trickle down too far, until recently. He has flown so much this year he qualified for a Southwest Companion Pass. What does that mean for me? Well that means, every time he flies somewhere my Despicable Me Minion AWAY luggage and I get to fly with him and all I have to do is pay taxes and fees. Say whaaaaat? Amazing! Most people don’t qualify until the end of the year so they give you the rest of the year in which you qualified as well as the whole following year.

As I mentioned earlier, I can work from anywhere. So what does that mean for MDM? Well looks like it’s going to morph again into a traveling lifestyle/mommy blog. Where will we go, I have no idea? But I plan on taking you all along with me. Time to take advantage of all hubs hard work and see the country. In celebration of this amazing feat, I set up a photog session with the amazing Bluegenes Photography because I know there is no other way hubs would have liked to celebrate. haha. We met out in East Nashville at the Cornelia Fort Airpark for an all things air photo shoot. And I am so happy with how they turned out. Now I just need Becka to come with me on all my travels.

Best Instagram Husband Ever