I oogled over this Spellbound Tie Dye Kimono for quite some time and for some reason never pulled the trigger while it was in the stores. It was soft and gorgeous and the color options are great also.  Then one day I went to buy it and it was gone (still online though).  So I found the SAVE version of and decided for under $20 (that’s under $20 with tax and shipping included) it would be worth a shot and it has been a favorite in the summer with swimsuits and jean shorts and will continue to be a favorite in the fall with its perfect colored mustard color.

Now it’s a different material than the SPLURGE for sure. But it dried quickly at the beach.  Plus it’s great for traveling because it takes up very little space and remains relatively unwrinkled. It does make me a little warm since our fall temps haven’t dropped, but to be honest I’m always warm.

Sizing is always a concern for me. I typically order a medium or large in kimonos so I ordered up a size and got a X-large. It fits perfect so I recommend going up one size.

Here it is in real life. It clearly looks a little different than the version they have posted. But I still am happy with my purchase.


Clearly the more expensive version isn’t that much more, but since I took one for the team and tried out the save version I had to share my review with you.


My sweet friend Lorine with Love Liv Events made us the most perfect cupcake toppers for the occasion. Check out her Etsy shopped linked HERE

I can’t believe I just did this. Typically I like this space to be a judgement free zone, but today you all get a pass because even I am judging myself. Today is Corla, our Boston Terrier’s, one year birthday. So naturally we threw a party and since Corla hates all other dogs, we only invited ourselves.


My husband and I were both big dog people before and when we met we had a Rott, Lab, and Terrier Mix. Well now that kids were thrown in the mix and apparently an aversion to dog hair I developed while pregnant, we had to go small. Hubs wanted a pitt and I know they are awful shedders, so I tempted him with a Frenchie. They are pitt looking, but smaller. Well apparently the breeders around here want you to sell a kidney to get a one and if I’m going to spend that kind of money I’d rather just add to our family with another kid. So seeing that I’m a bargain shopper, I found Boston Terriers and thought they resembled Frenchies. So we started scouring the rescues for one. This breed is known to have several bad health issues and cataracts is a big one. All the dogs I could find over several months were blind due to not being genetically tested for cataracts and bred.  I just knew my family and I couldn’t give a special needs dog the attention and care it needed so we found a breeder that from the looks of things did all the testing and gave health warranties.

When I mentioned to people we had decided on a BT, everyones warnings were the same. They have horrible gas and they are super hyper. But they love kids, they are smart, and very loyal.  I was sold on the fact that for a small dog breed they weren’t overly appy too.

So I put a deposit down on a brown, female Boston Terrier born on Oct. 9th.   We originally wanted to surprise our kids with it for Christmas but timing just never worked out well and no one would hold onto her for 3 weeks (and potty train her) until Christmas morning. We brought her home first week of Dec. If you have ever considered getting a puppy, December is an awful time if its cold to try to potty train. But lucky for us, this dog came litter box trained. Yep. That’s right, she’s basically a cat.

Like my kids, I’m a little on the strict side and I wanted this pup crate trained night one. Another thing, no one tells you about puppies and crate training is that you can break your kids spirit with the cry it out method, but a dog is stronger. Literally, this dog cried every night, all night for a week or two. It was worse than the first week home with a newborn.

This sweet baby had some health scares the first 6 months of her life and was sick for quite some time. But once we got her well and her energy levels came back she was such a sweet and playful puppy. But I would say for a Boston she is relatively calm and chill. She would pick laying on your lap to playing any time of day.

She also appears to have horrible separation anxiety. Like prob needs to be medicated which we might have to do soon. But this is why she comes with me everywhere. As long as temps are cool, she literally will sit in the front seat of my car or the girls car seats and not do a single thing until i get back. You leave her at home for 4 mins and it looks like she took a laxative. I have cried so many times walking through my front door.

But clearly my girls and I (even my husband) are head over heals in love with this little squishy faced pup. And Im pretty sure I will forever and always have a Boston because they really are a perfect pup. She even lets us dress her up and doesn’t hate it. Just kidding. She hates it and hates us for doing it. But the girls love it.



And for games we had the most perfect Halloween Game, Bobbing for Apples, that apparently no one wanted to play.



Pup Cupcake

Girls Cupcakes

Love Liv Events made the cupcake toppers

Halloween Paper Plates

Several of these items were provided by Octoly to review but as always the opinions are all my own.



I’m not big into makeup, in fact I’m a huge fan of not wearing any. But I can’t walk around looking like a hot mess all of the time so I do use an amazing Lash Serum to avoid needing to work on my eye lashes and then I got my eye brows Microbladed so basically I really do #wakeuplikethis.  In the warmer temps, I can’t stand to have foundation or power but come fall and winter I love to experiment with bolder lips and eyes.

I’m also a minimalist when it comes to makeup. I don’t enjoy a draw full of barely used things. I prefer pieces that are multifunctional. This also makes packing for a trip super easy. So recently I went through my makeup draw and tossed things I wasn’t using anymore and rounded up my current fall faves for the whole face.


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is a must regardless of the season. I have deeper set eyes and my lids tend to be on the oily side so without this magic potion I end up with creases and smudging by my first snack break.Not only will you eyeshadow and eyeliner last longer, but it will also help make your eye shadow more pigmented. I have literally been using this stuff for years and will never stop.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Naked Heat  you can officially throw out 100% of your eye shadows when you buy this palette. It literally makes all things right in the world. My green eyes pop like never before. They are great neutrals and bases, shadows with shimmer and flat shadows. They blend amazing like all palette but these colors are perfect for day to night. I do prefer a lighter highlighter and I don’t feel this palette comes with one, but stay tuned because my highlighter listed below fills that void perfectly. Ive even replaced my eye liner with this palette for a softer look.

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara Black when I say a little goes a long way Im not kidding. This stuff makes your eye lashes stand at attention and my biggest complaint with mascara is the flaking to the under eye making it look like you have dark circles. I have yet to find to drugstore brand that doesn’t do this so I always stick to the real deal.

Laura Mercier the eye liner I am currently using isn’t listed to be found anywhere.  But I love all her eye liners so I am linking the next best thing with the best reviews.


Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation now this stuff isn’t necessarily for the day time and I don’t wear much during day but the staying power of this for night time is amazing! Not to mention the coverage. I have to be extremely careful when choosing foundations because I have freckles and when a foundation is so thick it hides all freckles it looks awkward when my chest and shoulders are covered with them. At one point in my life I probably would have hidden them. Not more. It is waterproof too which helps with its staying power.

Urban Decay Quick Fix Hydracharged Complexion Prep Priming Spray A hydrating, soothing priming spray that visibly reduces the appearance of pores, brightens and smooths skin, and hydrates. Goes on first and makes your makeup flawless.

Lancome Dual Finish Multi-tasking Illuminating Highlighter 03 Radiant Rose Gold now this is what I was talking about recently in eyes section. I use this as a brow highlighter along with my Heat Palette. I didnt start using a highlighter until 6 months ago (i know, apparently I live under a rock) but now I don’t know how I didnt. My features aren’t as pronounced as I would prefer but once I put on highlighter its amazing what it does. This rose gold color is a perfect fall color to go with copper thats huge.



M∙A∙C Lipstick / Lip Pencil Duo

A pair of fan-favorite lipstick and lip pencil in the perfect nude. What it does: The Lipstick is formulated to shade, showcase and define the lips, while the Lip Pencil shapes, lines or fills. Goes perfectly with a smokey, dramatic eye.

L’Absolu Rouge Hydrating Lipstick are three amazing choices for a bolder lip. I chose a sheer, matte, and a cream to be able to be versatile and create many different looks.

Birthday parties in our family are kind of a big deal. I’m not one of those Pinterest Moms that loathes getting crafty and I don’t do it to keep up with the Jones’. I just genuinely in my heart love birthday parties and DIY are my favorite. Not to mention, my girls birthdays are a day apart so I kinda got robbed since we just throw one party (for now).

If I teach my girls anything in life, I want their takeaway to be, birthdays are fun and always a good excuse for a party regardless of how old you get. So I recently turned 35 and naturally my girls wanted to know when the party was. We all went out to dinner to a nice restaurant of my choosing but to a 3 and 5 year old that is no party to them. They wanted decorations, party favors, and of course dessert. So I did what any Pinterest Mom would do and I helped them plan one for me.

So we got to work. First was a theme and they quickly agreed it had to be food-focused. Those are my girls! We headed over to Basic Invite my go-to invitation store and found the most adorable Ice Cream themed Invitation and both of them were instantly sold.

Basic Invite- My Papergoods Go To

Basic Invite is most known for their gorgeous and unique wedding invitations, but you all need to check them out for all things paper. Their personalized party invitations  are totally customizable from basically unlimited colors to the types of papers and instant previews. Not to mention, rose gold. Enough said.  They have something for everything from weddings, to kids invitations, to holidays and don’t forget the thank you notes and notepads. They are my go-to for all things paper. And I already have my Christmas card picked out. Too early? Never! Need a birthday invitations, well today is your day. From now until Sunday, Sept 30th they have a coupon for 40% off. Sounds like you need to throw yourself a party.

USE CODE: FIRST40 for 40% off

The girls and I then headed to my party closet. Every time I am at target and see something in the dollar spot that could be used for a party at some point I grab it. It is always used at some point even if we have to just make up an excuse to have a party. I try to stick to neutral colors and metallics because then they match everything. These white ice cream cups were found there as well as my celebrate banner and party hats. Then we went to the garage and found some plastic baseballs and tissue paper and voila, we have a centerpiece. The table paper is actually Christmas paper but it matched and did the job.

Next up party favors! We went to the Dollar Store and grabbed the cutest little bath sponge and transformed that into an ice-cream cone as well. At least I know tonite I will have an hour of uninterrupted quiet time as they play with their new bath toys. Clearly, the dog thought party favor meant treat for her.

September has been an amazing month full of celebrations and I’m sad to see it coming to an end. But I have faith that we will find an excuse every month to throw some kind of party. And if not, we will just have ice cream for breakfast.

Too Embarrassed for Eye Contact

Fall is in the air which means it’s time to update those accessories and I am here to help make that easier for you. What if Rachel Zoe, the fashion icon, handpicked fashion, beauty, and home items and delivered them right to your door? You don’t want to have to pay retail for those items, so you can also get those items for a quarter of the price (or less with the coupon code BOSFALL10 for $10 off). Want a FREE Gift With Purchase?  use code: TATCHA

For those of you that are new to Box of Style, ( I did a summer box recap here)  it’s a seasonal subscription box of luxury fashion and beauty items. Each item is delivered four times a year for only $99.99 per quarter. Sounds pretty great right? Now let me show you what I got inside the Fall Edition box!


One bag, 3 ways. It can be a clutch or need to be hands free? Grab the strap. It also makes an amazing laptop carry bag. Fits most 13 in laptops. Not to mention it’s the most perfect shade of navy with gold accents.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?  Can be worn so many ways. Midi rings worn together or separate plus comes in three different gorgeous colors.


Everyone needs a gold tray on their desk or bathroom counter or really anywhere you want to feel chic and pretty. It’s the perfect size and color.



Once again versatility wins. Go from day to night lips to cheek. Perfect for on the go touchups or traveling.



Transition from beachy waves to sleek fall styles with a fresh cream like this — it smells incredible too! Not to mention it helps tame my childrens wild, unbrushable hair.


Grab a nice glass of wine, a fave show on Netflix and consider it a Spa Night in.  Treat your skin after months of damaging sun to a rich, luxurious max.