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Three years ago I was fortunate enough to be promoted from Corporate Exec with an expense account and company car to a SAHM of one amazing daughter and another on the way. While I wish I could say this decision came easily, it didn’t. It was a 2 year struggle that began the day I laid eyes on that perfect baby girl. I wanted to be the person raising my daughters and yet I did not want to lose my professional identity I had fought so hard for amongst heaps of laundry and dirty diapers. While it’s a decision I have NEVER regretted, I missed helping to support my family and I wanted to be able to teach my daughters we can have it all! I can have a great career helping people and still be a class mom!

So after a few months at my new mom gig and adjusting to life with two (WOW!), I started praying for an opportunity to be able to work while being home with my girls. My good friend introduced me to Social Commerce company I am still with today and after looking into it I realized it was a no brainer, this is what I was looking for. Two years later my skin has never looked better and I couldn’t be more fulfilled. I am finally able to have it all, a meaningful career with the 2 cutest assistants ever and the best boss around! But the best part of this gig was the doors it has opened for me to be able to pursue other passions. I was able to fund a new startup in the social media arena.

I am now able to work along side wives, mothers, and small business owners like myself as well as companies large and small from the comfort of my own home helping them with their social media, content creation, photography, branding and marketing. You name it and if I cant do it myself, I have a whole slew of people that can help.

If you are sick of wearing every hat and ready to delegate, I would love to chat to see where I can help make your life easier. We will make social media work for you and your business, to where it is your most valuable employee.

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  1. September 26, 2016 / 5:36 pm


    I came across your Instagram and wanted to introduce you to our company Raise Them Well. We are an Integrative MD and Health Coach team and parents to two boys. Last year we were tired of being unsatisfied with so many products on the market so we started our own line of Toxic Free products for babies, kids and families.

    Our goal is to educate parents and provide EASY solutions for the entire family. Our best sellers include our Kids Magnesium Oil, Foaming Baby Wash and Shampoo, Prenatal Vitamins and Baby (really for the whole family) Vitamin D and K2 drops. You can find links to all of our products and learn more about us at http://www.raisethemwell.com.

    During the month of October we will be spotlighting our Baby Wash/Shampoo and would love to send you a sample if you might be interested in blogging/reviewing/posting about it. We would love for you to consider writing a blog post, 2 social media shares. We are more than happy to offer an extra product for a giveaway too.

    If it’s something you’re interested in, we have recently launched an affiliate program and our influencers and brands are loving the 20% commission plus collaborating with other like-minded parents. We also offer exclusive coupon codes for our Ambassadors to share with their audience.

    Please take a look at our products and our mission and let us know if you have any questions.


    Dr. Wiggy and Emily Saunders

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