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How to Be Prepared for Summer Adventures

How to Be Prepared for Summer Adventures by popular lifestyle blog, Modern Day Moguls: image of an open suitcase with Hanes Ultimate Xtemp tees, UltraSwim Chlorine Removal Shampoo, Medipro First Aid Pods from Me4kidz, and MAGLITE® Solitaire LED & Mini Maglite® Pro LED in front of it.

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For a mom, summer adventures are something you feel in your heart and want to experience with your kids. But adventure doesn’t always have to happen away from home.  Summer adventures can happen in your backyard with little planning. This summer my goal was to be able to take off on adventures near and far with little to no planning. We wanted to be able to drop everything and hit the road and with a few essentials we were able to do this seamlessly.

How to be Prepared for Summer Adventures

The Perfect Clothing for Summer Adventures

Hanes Ultimate Xtemp tees

From playing in creeks to hikes, and the beach having an extra Hanes Ultimate Xtemp tee comes in handy. So I make sure to keep a few Hanes Ultimate Xtemp tees around for the whole family to use. The accidental tumble into a creek to ice cream melting everywhere, we rarely are able to keep the same shirt on for a full day. Not to mention the sun during the summer can be brutal and having them handy to protect our skin with their soft fabric while keeping us cool is super helpful.

UltraSwim Chlorine Removal Shampoo

How to Be Prepared for Summer Adventures by popular lifestyle blog, Modern Day Moguls: image of a bottle of UltraSwim Chlorine Removal Shampoo on top of a folded swimsuit.

With my blonde hair babes and daily swims in heavily chlorinated public pools from the rec center to neighborhood pools to hotel pools, UltraSwim Chlorine Removal Shampoo is a necessity to keep their blonde bright and not smelling like chemicals. It is a super moisturizing swimmer’s shampoo that works with UltraSwim’s conditioner to be able to restore chlorine-damaged hair. This clarifying shampoo is so gentle, it can be used after every swim, keeping hair healthy, moisturized and chlorine-free.

Must-Have Tools for Summer Adventures

Medipro First Aid Pods from Me4kidz

Whether you are home or away, adventuring or not, you know during the summer when kids are home, boo-boos are bound to happen. So having these Medipro First Aid Pods from Me4kidz handy is a necessity. Innovative, non-toxic, BPA free, earth-friendly, filling the gap between private label and licensed brands, Pediatrician approved, and latex-free. They are an amazing company, keeping our earth green by using recycled, lead-free plastic. The best part is that they are proudly partnered with non-profit organizations to provide work for those of various disabilities; allowing them the opportunity to feel a sense of need in the community & increased self-esteem.

100 items to keep you prepared for your basic first aid needs. Neatly organized pods that can size down when you are wanting a smaller first aid kit for on the go.

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MAGLITE® Solitaire LED & Mini Maglite® Pro LED

You know those days that become nights before you know it? Having a MAGLITE® Solitaire LED or a Mini Maglite® Pro LED handy can make the difference between an adventure and a nightmare for young kids. We also love to keep a Maglite® Solitaire LED in our beach bag for those crab hunts.

The Maglite® Solitaire LED is designed to fit perfectly on your key chain, backpack or purse. This isn’t your regular mini flashlight, its beam will throw 50 yards! Not only that but it will run nonstop for almost 2 hours on just 1 AAA battery.

The Mini Maglite® Pro LED is the most iconic flashlight in the world. the beam on the Mini Maglite® Pro LED that can travel almost 2 football fields. Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse the Mini Maglite Pro LED is perfect for those road trip adventures that hit a snag like a flat tire so we keep one in the car for safety. Also great for camping and night hiking as well.

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With just a few necessities ready to go, you can go from “I’m bored” to “lets adventure.” I can’t wait to hear all the places you go, both near and far. Share below necessities you take and your favorite adventure so far.


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