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Summer Soirees Made Easy

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We made it through our first year of full-time school. Pat yourselves on the backs mommas, because I now know how hard you worked to schedule those after-school activities, dinner, bath times, homework, and so much more. So if you are like me, you want to savor each and every slow moment this summer, knowing it’s going to just be crazier next year.

So while we have a bucket list (per se) of places to go and people to see this summer, those calm and quiet summer nights are going to be something I treasure. Because the thought of only having 18 summers with my babies and we are on 7 makes my momma heart sad. But I always tell them that I’ll be following them to college and then moving into their house if they ever try to leave me. So 18 might really be 50 and I’ll take it.

I shared a teaser on Instagram recently about something we were working on, and now with the help of my girls, we are sharing below.

Let’s try something different this summer and instead of crazy busy days, let’s toss the agenda and schedule out the window and play it by ear. Below I’m sharing our ways on how to slow things down this summer and make life about the moments. Think no alarms, ice cream for breakfast, pjs till noon, fireflies by the pool type dinners, cartoons and movie nights. Which means weekly last-minute get-togethers with neighbors, family, and friends. Parties don’t have to require a lot of planning and the best ones come out of a day at the pool that turns into a night under the stars.


Clearly, we all have responsibilities, but we are going to share the workload and get it done quickly. Cleaning out clothing and toys that no longer fit or are played with makes all of this easier. Fewer choices make it easier to get dressed and ready in a flash. Daily cleaning allows us to avoid setting aside a full day to do chores. A little bit every day keeps disasters from happening and makes last-minute get-togethers at your house seem less overwhelming.


Toss the electronics. I want you all to invest in bubbles, chalk, a slip n’ slide, baby pool, water toys, etc. You can usually find these for great prices in every store across the globe. Then grab a tea or coffee and let the kids loose. The best part is that these super simple toys keep them occupied and happy. We over complicate life by trying to make it so extravagant. Let’s bring the simplicity back to the summer. And momma, grab the suit and play too.


Last minute parties are usually my favorite. Takes the stress out of having people over. I always grab cute paper goods when I’m at discount stores to keep stocked so dishes don’t get overwhelming. You can usually scour the house for flowers and decorations you might have laying around that fit a theme or better yet, no theme is the best theme.

Throw the Party

Simplicity at its best is an ice cream social for the neighborhood kids. Head on over to Publix in your best party clothing to pick up Tillamook ice cream, pick out your favorite flavors to keep stocked up on just in case the situation arises. We try to keep at least 2-3 gallons of our favorite ones at all times. From Old-Fashioned Vanilla because it goes with everything, to a chocolate flavor, and a fruit flavor. Literally, nothing that can’t be created with this magical trio.

  • Tillamook makes its ice cream with the highest quality ingredients. This means the best milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones, extra cream for rich, smooth creaminess and no high fructose corn syrup.

Tillamook’s line of Premium 56-oz ice cream represents the best tasting versions of our family’s and everyone’s favorite flavors.In each container of Tillamook ice cream, you can taste the difference of their quality summer treat.

Visit your local Publix during June 15-July 13 for special in-store promotions  to purchase Tillamook ice cream and more for the perfect impromptu summer party.

Tillamook Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream and Girl smiling down


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