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Home Office Tour: How to Create a Functional and Stylish Workspace

At some point in our lives, we all take a step back and realize what we need to do to do better.  This recently happened to me in my job. It has taken me over three years of running around like my head is cut off for me to realize I need a space all of my own.  I knew that if I was able to have all of my things together in one area and organized, my ability to get things done would drastically increase. As a work at home mom with one babe still at home basically all the time, this was something that would help catapult my productivity. Well at least until the next request for snacks and then I’ll forget everything I was doing and have to start over. 

So when planning out the things needed in a blogger office, you first need to find the pain points.  What is causing distress? What is causing family distress? What would make your life easier? Then hit up Pinterest to start planning. 


My office is at the front of the house so it’s visible by anyone who comes through those doors.  I wanted to sophisticated as well as fun but of course functional was a must. Some days it’s me working solo. Some days the girls are helping. I needed to make sure we could all work together with space. I want it to be set up for co-working to help manifest the next step in our business. Also of if you caught my last blog post about this space, you know it also has to allow for guests to stay here since this space was originally our guest room.

Nothing says sophistication like velvet and I wanted something with a little more structure than my super comfortable couch that prevents me from getting any work done.  So the Joybird Braxton sofa bed was an easy choice.  The mid-century lines of all of Joybird furniture are such a timeless style I know I’ll keep it around since it makes adding other styles very easy due to its versatility. Another amazing thing about this sofa is that the cushions actually flip over so both sides can be used on both the back and the seat. If you don’t live in a museum you know how helpful this is.

Joybir is always the first place I go when starting to design a room. I have owned 10-15 sofas in my life from well-known brands and I keep coming back to Joybird after our first sectional arrived. I know their fabrics can withstand my crazy kids, hyper dog and klutzy husband. Plus they have so many options available when it comes to colors and fabric choices. You can order a kit of fabrics to be able to touch each one before placing your order. Not to mention have you seen that warranty? 365 days in house? Yep!  You know a company that will warranty something you sit on daily for a full year trusts that they make amazing quality you will love.


I need a light and crisp backdrop so often that a white desk was the easy part. Now coming up with style was a little more challenging. Drawers to me make clutter too easy. I don’t want it to be easier to hoard things.  At the same time I am always having to shoot food scenes and decor and table scapes are fun for me. So I went with this simple white table as my work space. Not only can I work at it but I can host a podcast while sitting around it. It’s light weight and moves easily for better lighting.  I can set up a full tablescape and never have to worry about kids getting into it. Plus cuts down on my rushing to clean counters for shoots. 

Desk Chairs

Again, versatility is a must. But aesthetics is a close second. Since I am looking to foster a co-working feel in my home office we need seats for everyone. If you saw my post on Cesca chairs you know I have been a long time fan and instantly added them to the mix. They are light weight and simplistic. They can go from a desk chair to a dining chair for a photo shoot to side tables when my sleeper sofa is open and being used. 

Storage Solultions

I will touch on this more in depth in a separate post but I removed all the useless wire shelving in the closet of this room and put in a closet system with drawers and cubbies.  There is still a small amount of hanging space but also room for my larger equipment like lights, back drops, and props.  This helps me keep everything I need together and in one area making it easier for me to shoot.

In addition to what’s behind the closet door, I have a small “stand -up” desk/dresser.  It has three drawers so my hoarding has to be thought out. Office supplies,  paper work, and frequently used props. 

Other Blogger Office Necessities

  • Full length mirror
  • Empty wall space
  • Textiles for texture

A couple of other things I still need to do is replace the carpet. If you haven’t seen my stories on my office redo you will know why they need to be replaced. Still getting quotes for that. Wanted to wait until after vacation as to not ruin my trip.  I am also going to hang some pictures above my Joybird sleeper sofaLastly (for now) hang curtains and wallpaper.  Trying to create multiple areas around this one room to be able to shoot content is my ultimate goal with this room. On brand colors and textures make this home office a creative retreat to work. 

What am I missing? Share below, Id love to hear your thoughts.


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