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Removeable Wallpaper in the Kitchen

I’m currently on day three of my Flu A test coming back positive and cabin fever is setting in. This flu couldn’t have come at a worse time to be honest. I was anxiously anticipating the arrival of new DIY nightstands for my master bedroom, a closet system for my guest room turned office redo, and Milton & King wallpaper to add a fun pop to the kitchen.

I held off spending for #nospendjan so on February 1st my card was on fire. Naturally I get the flu as I get the notifications of packages arrival. Here’s your sign.

Removable Wallpaper featured by top US life and style blog Modern Day Moguls

We recently had the whole downstairs painted Benjamin Moore Cloud White. We added crown and board and batten but needed a little something more.

Removable Wallpaper featured by top US life and style blog Modern Day Moguls

Removable Wallpaper:

I was at an event recently at an amazing house in Nashville, and in her kitchen was black floral paper. It was love at first sight. I began my hunt for a floral paper for the small space above my cabinets in the kitchen. Just enough to make a fun pop but not be overwhelming. It needed to be a smaller print since the space is so small.

This was my first time ordering from Milton & King. I found several florals on other sites, but when I went to go checkout their shipping prices were $30 a roll. Amazon has me too spoiled to pay $30 for a roll of paper. Especially since I just paid that same price for two Ikea nightstands to be delivered.

Removable Wallpaper featured by top US life and style blog Modern Day Moguls

So after searching Milton & KingI stumbled upon Flora removable wallpaper.I just knew this would go perfect with my new taupe velvet curtains and leopard rug. I did go back and forth on wanting something brighter. More of a pop but I am going to save those bold decisions for my office redo. And it was so easy, I can just redo it in a few months anyways.

Removable Wallpaper Tips from a Non-Pro

  • Clean and dust the walls the day before so the are clean and dry on hang day. We had work done and they forgot to vacuum so not only was I fighting the flu but also dust.
  • Follow Directions provided. I typically find the instruction booklet after I finish the project, that’s just how I roll. But even if I would have found it I would have gone against the grain and done things a little differently. I wanted to be able to utilize all the paper I had purchased. I didn’t want to have to match up as many seams. Instead of going up and down, I made the cuts where I had to work around the molding and went left to right. Now truth be told the first strip of wall paper was the hardest. Once I got the hang of how it handled and my husband came in to help, it was a breeze.
  • Make all the measurements then cut with a straight edge to have strips lined up and ready to hang.
  • Let gravity help you. Roll back a bit of paper while pressing the adhesive side of paper onto the wall. Working from the center out pressing air bubbles to edges. A safety pin will help get out the hard to release bubbles.

So I signed up for Milton & King newsletter, saving 10% plus shipping is included so this little project came in at $59 since I only needed one roll.

Removable Wallpaper featured by top US life and style blog Modern Day Moguls

Hubs jumped into help and at the end said “we didn’t even argue.

Watch out chip and Joanna, we are coming for you guys.



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  1. February 11, 2019 / 8:31 pm

    What a fun touch! Boo to the flu! We had it here and it’s the pits.

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