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Colors That Accent Your Pink Couch

One of the most commonly asked questions I get when I mention I have a Joybird pink sectional front and center of my open concept living space is:

“How did you ever get your husband to agree to a pink couch?”



Well to be honest I didn’t even have to come up with a case as to why I NEEDED a pink sectional or how versatile it would be and how it is basically a neutral like black, white, gray, taupe etc. But if you are having to argue your NEED for a pink sectional, then I just saved the day.

Pink Couch featured by top US lifestyle blog Modern Day Moguls

It’s nothing new that I like to change things up in my home. I pull items from other rooms to create new spaces as well as pick up seasonal things I love. So when I am designing a new room and figuring out a colors, patterns and layout the large, investment type furniture pieces are the anchors that will be used for years to come. The thing I love most about Joybird is that I know the classic mid-century modern style will ALWAYS be in style as it has been for decades. So knowing that overtime I am going to want to update it meant thinking hard about color. I wanted a color that would go with everything.

Since moving into this house 3 years ago we have had an oatmeal colored sofa, light grey sectional, very dark grey sofa, and now the Joybird Lewis Sectional beautiful pink couch. As you can tell this was a step out of my comfort zone but I am so glad I did it because just like the traditional neutrals we have had in the past, it literally goes with everything. So knowing you are buying a piece of furniture like Joybird you know it is going to last a lifetime so you need it to be capable of seasonal refreshers like new pillows or throws.


Sherwin Williams’ named their 2019 color of the year,  Cavern Clay, so it is only natural to pair a trendy color with a neutral like pink. Reminiscent of the Southwest makes this nature-inspired hue the perfect compliment.

Pink Couch featured by top US lifestyle blog Modern Day Moguls


Nothing says 2019 like jewel tone pops of color added to the neutral palette of 2018. This might actually be my favorite combination yet. Seeing that PPG’s color of the year, Night Watch, is a rich green tone you will see it everywhere and as you can see below it goes perfectly with my Joybird Lewis Sectional in Mixology Blush.


Don’t let pink and blue remind you of your gender reveal party. By mixing pastel pink with a deep navy blue you avoid all things baby and see nothing by chic yet mascuiline style. Looks like the perfect setup for your hubs to relax and watch the game.


Yellow is the color of optimism and nothing like walking into your home and feeling revitalized thanks to the gorgeous yellow accents. Mixed with a cream or a warm white throw and you have the perfect color combination. Also if you love gold as much as I do this mustard yellow ties in the gold accents around the house. Also the perfect excuse to buy some new gold knick knacks if you are lacking in that department.


Such a classic and goes with everything. Black and white really makes the pink stand out and steal the show. Chic with a hint of modernism is made by throwing down some graphic pillows.


Don’t worry about mixing neutrals. It can totally be done without looking too bland. Add some texture and pattern and against the pink couch it looks fabulous.

What color scheme am I missing? What colors would you like to see next on my Joybird Lewis Sectional? Let me know so I can keep my eyes peeled for the perfect accents.

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