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Mega Bloks Toys – the Perfect Holiday Gift

“This post is sponsored by Mattel, but all opinions are my own.”

Toys should be fun, but they should also be educational and provide value above and beyond pure entertainment, right? And if they are self contained and easy to clean up then I am totally sold. So if you are searching for a toy for your young kids than look no further than Mega Bloks at Walmart in the toy and collectibles aisle.

Mega Bloks are the perfect building block for tiny hands to little hands. But they provide so many benefits for children ages 1-5 outside of just building. By using creativity, imagination, and their adorable little knuck-less hands (how many of you went to look at your babies hands?  Where are their knuckles, seriously?) they are able to safely craft their own architectural masterpieces while learning to play together or independently.

  • Fun Solo or as a Group Effort
    • I love that my 5 year old can grab the blocks and go play by herself easily or she can have her friends over and naturally they gravitate towards them.  I also get invited every now and then and love this time together. This allows kids to learn to work together and share as well as learn to be creative and independent.
  • Teaches Persistance and Determination
    • When we fall, what do we do? We get back up again. Inevitably the blocks will fall and typically after a ton of hard work. So learning moment enter here. Try again! Teaches them that way didn’t work, and to try a different way.
  • Promote Fine Motor Skills and Communication Skills
    • Working with our hands and learning to communicate are two of the biggest skills that can be learned at such a young age. Actively playing and following along with the directions fine tunes these skills so much.  Charleigh loves to build something and then make us guess at what she built.

Mega Bloks are GREAT for hands-on play for early childhood development, families on the go, and even holiday gifting! These Mega Bloks are fun, colorful, and ready to be stacked with greatness!! So easy for them to clean up as well. We turn it into a game and in no time, it’s all put away.

Mega Bloks Building Basics Take-along Builder


  • Is your busy builder ready to go to grandmas? Well they can take this fun, colorful, and wheeled carrying case with them!
  • Has an easy-to-grip handle and opens up to reveal a set of building blocks (how cool is that?!) Plus, it has a rolling wheelbase for your children to build their amazing creations!
  • Has a removable building plate inside the case for easy, mess-free stacking. When it’s time to go, store everything back inside!


  • This colorful wagon combines classic wagon play and construction fun with a the ability to pick up the blocks.
  • Clear compartment allows them to see blocks spinning as the wagon is moving.
  • You can even build directly onto the wagon’s handle.
  • Mega Bloks Sesame Street Let’s Build Sesame Street


  • Time to build and learn with some of you and your kids Sesame Street favorites! The kids can learn their ABC’s on 70 colorful blocks with character-themed decoration!
  • Learn as you grow with these cool blocks – stack the lettered blocks to spell out names like, “Cookie Monster,” “Elmo,” “Abby,” or even “Big Bird!”
  • So this holiday season when you getting your gifts together or helping the kids with their lists, go ahead and add one of the Mega Bloks toys listed about and know that you are helping those babies build a better tomorrow, by just having fun with Mega Bloks.


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