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Before and After of My First Botox Experience

I recently got my first Botox as an adult, and since we said we would never lie to each other I’m here to share my experience with you.

For the past seven years, I have put my girl’s needs in front of mine as I should. Not saying I  completely threw in the towel but I did get a bit lazy. I colored my hair out of a box instead of salon visits, gave myself manicures and pedicures (don’t use baby feet before going on a sandal wearing weekend btw) and have also been using the same makeup I bought a decade ago.  You get the point, it is clear why I choose mommy blogging niche and not beauty, right? Plus I am legit lazy when it comes to beauty. Case in point, I got my eyebrows microbladed because it was literally easier than applying makeup and I use a lash serum because who wants to wear mascara? 

Since my kids are relatively self-sufficient and in school two days a week its time to work on me. I use amazing skincare and I stay out of the sun as much as I can but the damage has been done, I am a recovering tannaholic and my face proves it.  One day I looked into the mirror and I saw the beginnings of 11s, those two pesky lines running between your eyes. The culprit is probably RBF while staring at the screen of my phone. Keep in mind, because I hate my 11’s doesn’t mean I look at your 11’s and judge or that yours should bother you. #youdoyou 

Before and After of My First Botox Experience by popular Tennessee style blogger, Modern Day Moguls


For some reason, Botox is one of those things that’s super taboo and we aren’t supposed to talk about it.  But since there is such an initiative about being authentic (can that word be done already?) and showing the not so pretty side of the internet I want to let you all in on a dirty little secret. If there is little movement on someones face, no lines or wrinkles,  and they are in their 30s or older, they are either a unicorn or they have dabbled in injectibles. Either way, it is perfectly fine, but if they are slinging skincare collabs promising results you get at the drug store keep in mind they are also getting a little help on the side from Botox. 

I have always been fascinated by cosmetic procedures. This was basically the key to Pandora’s box. I’m kind of a go big or go home type so I needed to make sure I was ready for the commitment. Knowing once I started it, I was going to love it and have to continue forever, there goes the kid’s college fund.

One day while hanging out with girlfriends we started talking about Botox and thankfully Facebook does listen to us because the next day I had an ad on FB for Brilliant Distinctions for $50 off Botox.  Since I do tend to be a bit of bargain hunter and love a good sale, I signed up immediately and scheduled an appointment with a med spa in town. 

Now if you are getting your first Botox and not using Brilliant Distinctions  you are crazy. It is a rebate program created by the manufacturer of Botox, Allergan, that gives you $10 off your next treatment for every $100 you spend in Botox. Sign up here if you love free money. 

Let’s Talk Cost?

Since I am a bit of a budgeter and bargain shopper I sat down with the person doing my injectables and she gave me a mirror and asked me what bothered me. Well, my 11’s were first, after that my eyebrows. I got microblading done originally because I have deep set eyes and wanted to look a little bit more alert and surprised. While it did an amazing job and still think microblading is one of the best things ever, it wasn’t enough. I wanted my eyebrows in my hairline. 

Well after she talked me off the ledge we then talked about budget. I had to set a budget to keep myself in check. Knowing it lasts around 3 months, I felt comfortable spending $300 a quarter. Basically, I’m trading in those pedicures I never got for a face that looks more refreshed. I mean if you notice my toes over my lineless face, that’s on you, not me! Since I had $50 off from signing up with Brilliant Distinctions, and I like to stick to budgets, I told her lets do $350 this time. 

How much did you get on your first Botox?

The lines between my eyes, glabellar frown lines,  actually took the majority of my supply at around 20 units. After that, we did a little over each eyebrow and the 5 units to each eye to get the crows feet. 

Does it Hurt?

Absolutely not. You might feel a tiny prick but it is so fast that the pain level would be way worse stepping on a lego. I love that legitimately zero downtime and I would have been able to go into public or back to work with no problem. Going to the gym, putting pressure on your injection site or going inverted for 24 hours were the only stipulations.

What I Dislike About Botox

It is not instant gratification. You leave, looking just like when you walked in and takes anywhere from 7-10 days for results to show up. I also had a headache for a day and a half both times I have had it done and I rarely get headaches so most likely not coincidental. 

How Long Does it Last

I held off writing this until I had all the answers. From talking to the doctor and friends most people come back in 3-4 months, some can stretch it out 6 months all depending on how your body metabolizes the Botox. I wish I was those people. But I could def see a more relaxed look at 3 months.  I could have probably pushed it back another couple weeks and no one would have noticed.

Before and After of My First Botox Experience by popular Tennessee style blogger, Modern Day Moguls Before and After of My First Botox Experience by popular Tennessee style blogger, Modern Day Moguls Before and After of My First Botox Experience by popular Tennessee style blogger, Modern Day Moguls



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