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Family Friendly South Beach Hotel

You might be thinking, why in the world did you take your kids to South Beach? Well, it contains the beach, warm weather in the spring (but not too warm or humid), coincided with hubs work, oh and the Ice Cream Museum. So to me, sounds kind of amazing right?

Now our goal is to travel more as a family and due to the fact that no one ever set me up with a family trust, we have to travel smarter.  So we try to stick with hotels in the SPG, Marriott, or Ritz family in order to accrue points for future free travel. No idea what got us started on this particular group, but if you have one you love more I’d love to hear why.

In the past when hubs and I have traveled to South Beach we have stayed at more of the boutique type hotels and those are amazing and quaint for adults but I didn’t want to ruin someone’s trip with my kid’s cannonballs in the small lounge type pool so we opted for the Royal Palms South Beach hotel. It’s a little bit larger than most of those hotels plus it’s on the beach and has a pool. Perfection!

South Beach Hotel Room


So since this was a last minute “lets crash hubs work trip” the room situation was a little not-ideal seeing that there was one king bed and they were booked solid. But we totally made it work, 4 deep with no issues. Vacation isn’t the time to catch up on sleep anyways. There was plenty of play room for the kids to play with their travel essentials.


South Beach Hotel Location

We were able to leave our car with the valet and walk to everything we wanted to do. The best part is you can walk out the front door and cruise up Collins for food, shopping, and entertainment. This route is a little more lively. Or you can go out the back door and take the boardwalk that goes the same direction as Collins and the beachfront, taking the quieter more scenic route. There is also a playground around this route if you are looking for something besides the pool and beach nearby.


We didn’t even have to leave the property to eat which works out well when hubs is gone working all day. We stuck to poolside service for most of our meals but they had so many options available. One thing I noticed was the prices were really good in comparison to the rest of South Beach. It is a relatively expensive area to eat and I didn’t feel like the hotel food was high.


Family Friendly South Beach Hotel featured by popular Florida travel blogger, Modern Day Moguls

One place I didn’t get around to visiting was the Spa but it is on my to-do list for the next time around. They also have a gym (oops didn’t get there either) but heard it was great. The best part was the pool. They offered Water Zumba classes for the guests and even let the kids join in.

Don’t let South Beach scare you when planning a family-friendly destination. We had a blast and it was relatively calm where we stayed. We will be back.


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