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Miami Museum of Ice Cream – Family Edition

I’m sure by now you have stumbled upon pictures taken at the Miami Museum of Ice Cream on Instagram or Facebook. They are quite obvious with their brightly colored instagrammable and whimsical vignettes.  Before traveling to San Francisco we tried to get tickets and they were already sold out, so we started looking for other places. And not sure if I want to admit this or not, but this “museum” is what prompted our trip to Miami. Well, that and the fact that we are still in winter in April. This never happens.

So using the term Museum very loosely, the Miami Museum of Ice Cream is comparable to an adult playground. There is way less learning, but more hands-on experience aka sprinkle pool than a traditional museum. Their mission is to design environments that bring people together and provoke imagination. And that they did.

The Miami Museum of Ice Cream, located at 3400 Collins Ave. in Faena District of Miami Beach, is the fourth in the United States. First one started up in New York with LA and San Fran next. If you are wanting to see it, better hurry because May 13th is the last day to purchase tickets. Make sure you purchase tickets beforehand because no tickets purchased at the door.  In terms of parking, we actually lucked out and found a metered spot right next to the building.

You purchase your ticket for a specific time frame and we were taken into the Miami Museum of Ice Cream in a small group. The first stop on your tour of the eight-room, 4 story museum is the:

Miami Museum of Ice Cream Sprinkle Pool

Throw your shoes in the locker and dive in. Kidding. It’s only a foot deep and filled with tons of plastic (don’t eat them) sprinkles. It feels amazing. Just dont think about all the other feet that thought it felt amazing too.

Miami Museum of Ice Cream Bunns Shake Room

Here you will find a conveyor belt bringing milkshakes to your yard. And by yard, I mean pink walled with gold glittered floor room. Our milkshake artist sang Happy Birthday to one of the girls in our group and had to have been a professional opera singer. It was amazing.

Miami Museum of Ice Cream FAN-tastic Room

A beautifully bright and colorful room with ice cream fans is your next stop. Of course, the first thing my kids did was want to touch the fans. Which they warned you not to do. So note to self, don’t touch the fans. No ice cream samples provided.

Miami Museum of Ice Cream family visit featured by popular Tennessee lifestyle blogger, Modern Day Moguls

Miami Museum of Ice Cream Safari Room

Probably our favorite room. And of course, my kids wanted to hog the swings. They didn’t understand the concept of only allowed to sit on the swing if you are actively boomeranging. Not an official rule but probably should be. We also got to taste chocolate covered bananas with sprinkles.

Miami Museum of Ice Cream Food Fight

This room provides adorable “melted ice cream” cartons that look like milk cartons you had at school as a kid. There are also scoops of ice cream stuck to the wall and letters to use on the letter board to spell out. Seeing that the kids cant spell, they didn’t love this room. But they did have a bench to sit down and relax on.

Miami Museum of Ice Cream Sand Castle

Kinetic sand is a toddler’s favorite thing in the world so we stayed in this room for quite some time building sandcastles. No ice cream samples provided.

Miami Museum of Ice Cream Sweet Sculpture Studio

Grab a block and make your own personalized stack. While the kids were playing with this, I ran over to the mochi and grabbed a sample. It was amazing. Several choices to choose from too.


Miami Museum of Ice Cream Pop

Right when you walk through the door grab a sample of their local favorite, key lime pie. You can also head outside to the deck, play cornhole or the floor is lava, like we did.


Well, you are all done. They recommend it taking around 60 minutes that’s probably what it took us. On your way out they , of course, send you through the gift shop. Cute goodies to remember your trip as if the thousands of photos you took wont work.



  1. Kim
    April 25, 2018 / 11:25 pm

    Great photos , loved the outfits you all were wearing

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