Up Up and Away-Here We Come Kindergarten

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I have had 5.5 years to prepare for this day and yet here I am, a blubbering mess. Kindergarten registration recently happened for my firstborn. I figured I would be ready for it, but of course, I was not. I’m still considering selling everything we own, moving into an RV and traveling the world just to keep my baby close to me. But until that becomes reality we are going to celebrate this next chapter in our book of life.

If you haven’t picked up on the fact that one of my goals in life is to be a “Pinterest Mom” you will soon. I typically don’t have it together enough to be able to do this, but for this special occasion, I thought it was only proper to throw a bit of a party to celebrate.

For this party, I went with “Up, Up, Away” theme that is also very popular with babies’ first birthdays, it’s so fitting because I have no doubt she is about to take off and soar (but only if I cut that rope). I wanted it to be something fun, yet simple, for her and her close friends. One of her most favorite snack foods are Welch’s Fruit Rolls so I wanted to be able to incorporate those throughout the party and as it turns out, they were actually the hit of the party. They served as decoration, food, and entertainment. Not sure they could be any more perfect.

And because Welch’s Fruit Rolls’ first ingredient is fruit, I can feel good about letting my kids “Unroll the Fun” with this delicious, fun to eat snack. Plus they have 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C and 25% daily value of Vitamins A & E. I don’t even have to worry about judgment from the moms attending either and, as you know, that is a huge win.



As a Pinterest mom in training, my biggest suggestion would be to always have plates, napkins, balloons, and helium in your house at all times. This makes throwing an impromptu party such a breeze. I used Welch’s Fruit Rolls as edible napkin rings which was so easy and such a fun, unexpected surprise. In addition to napkin rings, edible garland was made and laid across the table.

For any “Up, Up and Away” party, balloons are a must. I turned the cake into hot air balloon by putting it in the most beautiful copper basket and adding balloons to the basket.



As is the case with any party, food will make or break it and typically takes the most planning. And I wanted to incorporate Welch’s Fruit Rolls into as much of the food as possible. I used suckers to make balloons on top of the cupcakes and wrapped Welch’s Fruit Rolls around the suckers for a fun surprise. I also used Welch’s Fruit Rolls as a hot air balloon basket by weaving the pieces together and filling with fruit. Cake, cupcakes, fruit and Welch’s Fruit Rolls make for a wonderful menu.



What is a party without the games? Not going to lie, this was not actually planned by me. I will give this all to B. Naturally when Welch’s Fruit Rolls came out they unrolled the fun and made the perfect limbo game happen. Once the game was over, they began reenacting the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene.

These little life milestones are reason enough to celebrate and being able to incorporate things into these party events that your children love is the fun part. Head to Walmart, Kroger, or Publix and pick up Welch’s Fruit Rolls  and “Unroll the FunTM” with us!



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