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National Margarita Day in Nashville

Because I am not one to ever let a holiday go uncelebrated, my sister wife and I hit the town today and celebrated #NationalMargaritaDay at Bartaco in the 12 South Neighborhood of Nashville.  There wasn’t really a discussion when determining where we would celebrate seeing that they basically invented the Margarita. Google it!

In fact, they take their margaritas so serious that they are launching #bartacoMargaritaMarch.  One new and amazing recipe launched each week. To practice for the kickoff they launched the Chai-Chicha-Rita and we got to take it for a test run. A twist on the Peruvian classic––chicha (a bright beverage made with purple Peruvian corn, pineapple, and spices), house-made chai tea syrup, freshly squeezed lime juice, and Libélula tequila, shaken and poured over crushed ice, and topped off with a pineapple chip for garnish.

Find a list of the drinks coming down below along with pictures from our lunch. When looking for a place to enjoy fresh, upscale street food Bartaco should be your first choice. The atmosphere is relaxed and chill and the service is top notch. The only thing that could have made this day better would have been some sun so we could have sat on the patio.

feb 22 – feb 28

● chicha purple corn peruvian drink
● libélula, lime, chai tea syrup, chicha, pineapple chip garnish, crushed ice

mar 1-7

dos piñas
● libélula, lime, mezcal, muddled sage, cold smoked pineapple
● *new* using smoking gun

mar 8-14

spring riser

● riff on tequila sunrise
● libélula, lime, agave, cardamom bitters, lime, lavender bitters, house-made orange blossom grenadine

mar 15-21

● libélula, lime, matcha green tea syrup,thai basil

*they are still making a few creative tweaks to this cocktail

mar 22-31

blood, sweat + cheers
● “spicy marg”
● libélula, lime, jalapeño (shaken not muddle), blood orange, pimenton syrup

Should be illegal to be rainy on National Margarita Day. Patio weather soon.


Ive Never Met a Taco I Didnt Love

Classic Margarita on National Margarita Day

Ladies that Lunch

Ill be here waiting for the next Margarita to be launched.


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