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A Better Day with Fage

This post is sponsored by Fage; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my

Every New Year begins about the same. Everyone gets on social media proclaiming all the great things they are giving up. Whole30 begins. Dry January is in full force. Gym memberships skyrocket (as a gym owner I am totally fine with this one). I have been here before and done these exact same things. I like most, ended up failing halfway through the month or on day 2.
No judgment here.

This year I decided to try a little something different and instead of giving up all the great things I love in one day and expect to not be a horrible person to my loved ones I am slowly replacing quantity with quality. That’s it! This includes the clothing I wear, to the food I eat, to the wine I drink I want less but higher quality. So I am thankful for companies like FAGE that make this an
easy transition.

Being a mom and responsible for the health and wellbeing of my family is kind of an important job. I have these two amazing little humans that watch everything I do and they want to mimic it. But we are busy and I need convenience too. My hubs jet sets around the globe frequently vacationing, I mean working, and my kids are home with me still. I have an amazing job that allows me to work from home with them but life can get crazy. And I need the ability to grab and go and be fueled by quality ingredients.

FAGE Total Split Cup is an all natural Greek strained yogurt, made with the only the best ingredients and so many amazing topping flavors you will have a hard time choosing one.

3 Best Times During the Day to Enjoy Fage

After Morning Workout

I have recently discovered fasting and I actually love how I feel during and after my workout if I
wait to eat until I finish at 10:30a. So I typically throw a 2% FAGE Total Split Cup into my gym
bag and enjoy it on the way home from my class. Plus with more protein than sugar (which is so
hard to find) I know I am feeding those muscles I just got done working out.

Mid-Day Slump

3pm is my witching hour. It is far enough from lunch but not close enough to dinner, my morning coffee has worn off and this is when I need a pick me up. The first shift of my work day is coming to an end as is quiet-time from the kids. With the added fat of the 2% FAGE Total Split Cup, I know my brain is getting what it needs to get me to the kids bedtime aka my 2nd shift in


Movie Time

FAGE Total Split Cup was made for this. Truth be told at the end of the night when I am watching my favorite shows and everyone has their favorite treats, I typically use all the toppings in my yogurt and don’t even miss having ice cream treats or something sweet. It is rich and indulgent keeping me full and satisfied longer. The only problem is sometimes I have to sit in a closet to enjoy it without little fingers dipping into it.

Next time you are at the store head to the yogurt section and grab a few different FAGE Total Split Cup flavors to try out. My current favorite is Mixed Berry or Cherry. Let me know what flavor(s) you love.



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