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Santa’s Flight Academy at Green Hills Mall

B and C have been making some last minute requests so with less than a week before the tree will be filled with goodies we took the girls to The Mall at Green Hills to go through Santa’s Flight Academy and finish with a chat with Santa.

To make it easier, you can preregister here so when you arrive you are ready to go. The kids get their own badges and get to scan them through the experience. 

Once Marshmellow and Icicle got their badges they were ready to save Christmas. But first they needed to be dresses appropriately and measured to make sure they had the right attire.

Personalized Elf Suit Fitting

Flight Suit Visualizer

The kids get to scan their badge again and will be greeted by their favorite elf and then get a one of a kind opportunity to play and dance while watching a virtual flight suit appear on each child’s body. Or like C and kinda stand around and kick their feet.

Hope on the Sleigh

Now that they are dressed and ready to go they are on a mission to save Christmas. The employees are so sweet in walking them through the whole experience and being so excited. Inside the sleigh, they get to experience music, digital dancing elves on screens and a personalized thank you from their favorite elf who spells out their name to say congratulations for saving Christmas. And the snow. So much pretty snow for them to have snow ball fights or make snow angels. This being the only time my kids will prob see snow before Santa comes.


Then they get to see Santa, he will have Santa’s Nice List showing the name of each child so he can personally greet them so of course they think thats amazing that Santa knows their names.


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