DIY Minimalist Scandinavian Christmas Wreath

DIY Minimalist Scandinavian Christmas Wreath

Every year we head to the Christmas Tree Farm and find our perfect Christmas Tree. It would probably be much easier to head to the local hardware store and find one but this is fun and while the girls are still young we want to make these memories. Plus the pictures I get out at this place are amazing. So we run around crazy looking for the perfect tree. Clearly not helicopter parents since we let them actually do the cutting too.


Head to the end for a DIY Tutorial and a fun GIVEAWAY!


Once we got our tree we asked them save all the extras so that I could use them to make the most beautiful and simple wreaths. Dont worry I DIY’d it at the end so you could see how amazing they are and these will be up all year.


I am obsessed with all things Scandinavian and minimalistic. Even though at times my house looks like an episode of hoarders I long for the days of simple decor. My secret Pinterest boards of style and home all start out with “Scandinavian….” and then down the rabbit hole we go. Not to mention, I’m not overly traditional when it comes to certain things like I prefer Eucalyptus to Holly branches any day.  So the fact that these wreaths can be up for Christmas and stay up all year makes me happy. And I like them more a week after than on day one when they have dried out and spread out a little.

Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

  • Gold Ring. I used a mix of 8 inch rings to 12 inch rings. I have also seen these made out of rattan or embroidery hoop and I also took a wire hanger and made it into a relatively smooth circle.
  • A glue gun, florist tape, metal wire. You wont need all of these but any of these will work.
  •  ribbon to hang your wreath and push pins
  • Leftover greenery from the tree farm. We used Fraser Fir and Leyland Cyprus but only because that’s what is around here. Eucalyptus came from Trader JoesHonestly there is no rhyme or reason to it. You just wrap branches around the wire taping occasionally or covering with wire to keep down.  The best part about these wreaths are the can hang with the greenery on the side like I did it, or you can hang the greenery on the bottom. And symmetry also isn’t overly important. We didn’t try to make them similar or even hang them with logic. You can also add ornaments from the bottom or some color like baby breath or berries. 

 And because you made it all the way to the end I have a GIVEAWAY.


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