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Matching Pajamas: Saving Marriages Daily

MOGULS15.  It gives you 15% off any Alexander Del Rossa product, and it’s valid through February 14, 2018


Can you even imagine the appreciation my husband had for me when I surprised him with matching PJs on our most recent trip? Yep, the look on his face was priceless.But it is a proven fact that wear matching pajamas saves more marriages each year than therapy and wine together. I’ll cite the source for that as soon as I find it again.

So I just made your shopping this holiday season a little easier. ALEXANDER DEL ROSSA has so many colors and styles you should probably stock up now and use MOGULS15 for 15% off through Valentines Day.

They have so many choices and styles not to mention fabric types they basically have something for everyone. We are a classic black and white so we went with Black and White Polka Dot and the Black and White Piping so we can enjoy all year long.

Good luck making it until Christmas to take these pre-shrunk, elastic waist pajamas sets out of the packaging. You will want to throw them on every day when you get home and cuddle on the couch.


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