How to Get Rid of Toddler Tangles

(Product was provided. But as always feedback is 100% honest and my own experience)

The only job I ever wanted until probably halfway through college was to be a mom. My favorite toys were baby dolls and as I got older Barbies. I would sit around all day dressing them and fixing their hair.  Basically, everything that motherhood equates, right? Except, my babies never screamed bloody murder at sight of a brush. They never ran from me mid-brush. They never hid from me.

So my dreams as a child of sitting around putting sponge rollers in my girl’s hair has yet to happen. You see both of them were born with little hair. And has that hair grew in it was fine and thin. Fine, thin brush hair at night equates a rats nest in the am.

Over time I have gotten so lax in so many things and making sure my kid’s hair was brushed before we left the house became one of them. It wasn’t worth the fight. If you know me in real life you know this to be true. In fact, I keep Pinning “toddler dreads” to try to make it a thing. Apparently, my influence isn’t on Pinterest.

When I say we have tried everything we have. From coconut oil (it fixes everything, right?) to sleeping in braids, spray conditioners, wet brushes, adult shampoo and conditioner nothing helped long term. So my daughter will be starting school next year and at the public school we are zoned for there is actually a “Bow Group” and a “No Bow Group.”  Wonder where my kid with dreads will fit in? This in its self-makes me want to homeschool but that’s for another day. I know I needed to get it under control before she went to school.

So one day my girl Lindsey sent me a message on IG and wanted to send us some Monat to try out for them because I had mentioned several times how bad it was trying to do their hair.  Now if you aren’t familiar with Monat they are in the direct sales arena and have been around for a couple years. They are a naturally based, anti-aging line for your hair so if you get a little soap in your eye, no need for eye cream. ha. jk.

So we took the Junior Line for a spin. The only thing I didn’t love about it was the double wash. It wouldn’t be bad if I was doing it to myself, but having to double wash toddlers is a workout. But after several weeks of using it, I have noticed such a change in their texture. They still wake up with crazy hair, but there are no tears trying to get them out and this is amazing. What I loved most is how concentrated it is, so I know it will last a long time!

I probably need to try out the adult line myself because I have heard amazing things about it. If you are looking for new hair care you need to hit up my girl Lindsey and she will chat with you more about all the great things they have going on. I would definitely recommend it.


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