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Maleficent Halloween Costume for the Whole Family

This whole idea began with Brooklyn wanting to be a witch and Charleigh wanting to be Aurora. Truth be told, I didn’t actually know who Aurora was, but I asked Brooklyn what she thought about being Maleficent and she was instantly sold. And the coolest thing is at age 5 I was also Maleficent. I’ll add a picture of that gem once I find it. So I started researching other characters we could all be and was pleasantly surprised to find out Aurora is actually Sleeping Beauty and in the movie Maleficent. This couldn’t have been more perfect. 

Brooklyn was very adamant about being the mean version of Maleficent so that left me as the younger fairy version, Derek was King Stefan and Corla was Diaval (as the bat).

Our costumes were actually very easy and affordable. I am typically a huge fan of DIY Halloween costumes but this year I couldn’t swing it. So to the internet, I went. Now none of this would have been possible without our amazing Photographer, Bluegenes Photography.  She was able to perfectly capture each of us perfectly in costume. If you are in Nashville you must check her out. She also travels alot too if you arent close by.

Now lets talk about that makeup. You know I could have never done that myself. I am so thankful for Leanna Kaiser at Ascension Salon and Spa in Spring Hill, Tennessee. I sent her a couple pictures and she was able to make both Brooklyn and Me into a Maleficent even Angelina Jolie is jealous of. Hah. They are a new salon and spa, so if you are in the area you need to go check them out.



Coronation Headpiece|Blonde Wig|Wand|Pink Dress up Shoes|Aurora Dress

Charleigh usually wears a 3 or 4 and size 4-6 fit perfectly

Charleighs favorite dress was the gold one from Coronation. So that’s the one we went with but there are several versions available.



Maleficent Costume and Horns | Bird |Staff |

This costume brings out Brooklyn’s alter ego like I have never seen. It is truly amazing watching her take on this character.

Fairy Maleficent

Ears | Horns | Wings | Brown Dress ( this was in my closet but here is a similar one)

King Stefan

Outfit | Crown |

Fits true to size. This was a little on the pricey side, but legit quality.


I am so happy with how this turned out and I have a feeling this is going to start a grand tradition. Just dont tell hubs.

Makeup: Leanna Kaiser at Ascension Salon and Spa

Photography : Bluegenes Photography


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