Cleaning Schedule to Make Sure You are Always Ready for Impromptu Holiday Get Togethers

If your girlfriends stopped by unannounced for a girls night, would you feel comfortable letting them in? Honestly?


Ive partnered with Lemi Shine to bring you this guide. As always, thoughts are my own. Head to bottom for a coupon!

I come from a long lineage of clean freaks and at one point in my life I would say I would have fallen into this category. But I was childless and never home because I worked too much. To my mothers dismay I am mid-30s and still revolting against her “way of life” when it comes to the proper way to keep a home. But I have a saying, mainly I just say it to myself, because no one else listens. But it is “pick your battles” and I say it hourly. It makes me feel better and reminds me that in this season of life there are more important things to life than playing maid all day and not getting paid for it.

I recently shared an article on FB in regards to a “crappy dinner party” and it was basically my idea of a perfect evening. And since we are beginning of the most wonderful time of year, I figured I would  share how we make sure we are always ready for a Crappy Dinner Party.

Literally my soul comes alive with the anticipation of fall weather, fall fashion, decorating, party planning, and memory making. The last thing I want to do is ruin this euphoria with the undo stress of making sure I have the perfect house and the perfect party for my friends that love me regardless, or at least pretend to.

Let me be clear here, there is a difference between messy and dirty and we shouldn’t get those confused. My house and life isn’t dirty. But it is messy. While I am working slowly on the messy, the dirty is something I do daily to make sure it stays manageable. My friend could literally knock on the door in 3 minutes and the only thing I would need to do was put on a bra. Just kidding, no one is that special.

So in order to keep my home, ready for the next impromptu party I have enlisted my little ones to help. Now before you start judging, I use Lemi Shine because they are so powerful but more importantly safe and powered by 100% natural citric extracts. There are no questionable chemicals so even though I personally am not a clean freak. I know my house is! And nothing is better than walking into a house cleaned with natural citric extracts. Want to know something even more amazing? Their products actually resist new messes with Gunkguard. Gunkguard is a natural polymer that creates an invisible, protective layer on surfaces. It creates that long-lasting clean you want and makes them easier to clean again.

Cleaning Schedule to Make Sure We Are Always Party Ready


  • Wipe down hard surfaces with Lemi Shine Everyday Spray Cleaner. This includes appliances, granite countertops,  and tabletops.
  • Put dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down sink.
  • Take out trash
  • Spot treat floor and use duster mop. I have a wool rug and it sheds awful.
  • Take up basket of all things that don’t belong downstairs at end of day.


  • Clean windows with Lemi Shine Glass + Surface Cleaner. My whole backside of house is windows and nothing like dog noses and fingers to block out my maximum sun. And once again thanks to Gunkguard I can nearly make it a week between cleanings.
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Clean Disposal with Lemi Shine Disposal Cleaner and get the stink out of your sink. Since everyone always hangs in the kitchen nothing would be worse than friends hovering over sink and smelling last weeks dinner.
  • Dust off furniture
  • Clean Bathroom. Lemi Shine Glass + Surface Cleaner does amazing things for my glass shower. It keeps water stains repelled and streak free. Literal game changer.

Day of Get Together

  • Clean serving dishes and utensils with Lemi Shine Concentrated Dish Soap this stuff is powerful and fast acting and requires very little elbow grease.
  • Pour wine.
  • Get out the paper plates.
  • Enjoy not being stressed and everyone having fun.

Having a clean house doesn’t mean you have to spend all day cleaning. With a couple intentional acts each day and products like Lemi Shine that work harder than you do your house will stay clean longer.  Next time you are at Target or any of these fine retailers grab a bottle. You won’t be disappointed. And because you all are my faves. Here is a coupon to use.



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