One Year Puppy Birthday Party- Halloween Theme


My sweet friend Lorine with Love Liv Events made us the most perfect cupcake toppers for the occasion. Check out her Etsy shopped linked HERE

I can’t believe I just did this. Typically I like this space to be a judgement free zone, but today you all get a pass because even I am judging myself. Today is Corla, our Boston Terrier’s, one year birthday. So naturally we threw a party and since Corla hates all other dogs, we only invited ourselves.


My husband and I were both big dog people before and when we met we had a Rott, Lab, and Terrier Mix. Well now that kids were thrown in the mix and apparently an aversion to dog hair I developed while pregnant, we had to go small. Hubs wanted a pitt and I know they are awful shedders, so I tempted him with a Frenchie. They are pitt looking, but smaller. Well apparently the breeders around here want you to sell a kidney to get a one and if I’m going to spend that kind of money I’d rather just add to our family with another kid. So seeing that I’m a bargain shopper, I found Boston Terriers and thought they resembled Frenchies. So we started scouring the rescues for one. This breed is known to have several bad health issues and cataracts is a big one. All the dogs I could find over several months were blind due to not being genetically tested for cataracts and bred.  I just knew my family and I couldn’t give a special needs dog the attention and care it needed so we found a breeder that from the looks of things did all the testing and gave health warranties.

When I mentioned to people we had decided on a BT, everyones warnings were the same. They have horrible gas and they are super hyper. But they love kids, they are smart, and very loyal.  I was sold on the fact that for a small dog breed they weren’t overly appy too.

So I put a deposit down on a brown, female Boston Terrier born on Oct. 9th.   We originally wanted to surprise our kids with it for Christmas but timing just never worked out well and no one would hold onto her for 3 weeks (and potty train her) until Christmas morning. We brought her home first week of Dec. If you have ever considered getting a puppy, December is an awful time if its cold to try to potty train. But lucky for us, this dog came litter box trained. Yep. That’s right, she’s basically a cat.

Like my kids, I’m a little on the strict side and I wanted this pup crate trained night one. Another thing, no one tells you about puppies and crate training is that you can break your kids spirit with the cry it out method, but a dog is stronger. Literally, this dog cried every night, all night for a week or two. It was worse than the first week home with a newborn.

This sweet baby had some health scares the first 6 months of her life and was sick for quite some time. But once we got her well and her energy levels came back she was such a sweet and playful puppy. But I would say for a Boston she is relatively calm and chill. She would pick laying on your lap to playing any time of day.

She also appears to have horrible separation anxiety. Like prob needs to be medicated which we might have to do soon. But this is why she comes with me everywhere. As long as temps are cool, she literally will sit in the front seat of my car or the girls car seats and not do a single thing until i get back. You leave her at home for 4 mins and it looks like she took a laxative. I have cried so many times walking through my front door.

But clearly my girls and I (even my husband) are head over heals in love with this little squishy faced pup. And Im pretty sure I will forever and always have a Boston because they really are a perfect pup. She even lets us dress her up and doesn’t hate it. Just kidding. She hates it and hates us for doing it. But the girls love it.



And for games we had the most perfect Halloween Game, Bobbing for Apples, that apparently no one wanted to play.



Pup Cupcake

Girls Cupcakes

Love Liv Events made the cupcake toppers

Halloween Paper Plates


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