How to Have a Smooth Morning When Your Kids Are Not Morning People


Well orientation at my girls school was yesterday which means my family needs a wake up call in the morning. Like a slap in the face alarm clock. Summer is a time for late bedtimes, no naps, and sleeping in late (and by late I mean 7am). Then school comes out of the blue and always too soon and we need to work to get back into a routine. Which nobody likes a new routine, right?

My girls are like me and in the morning we like to chill before getting our day started. The groggily come downstairs grab their iPads and we cuddle on the couch as I watch the news or read and chug coffee. Well now that we have to be out the door and presentable for school we are going to need to put some pep in our step and streamline our mornings.

I’m all about making my life easier. Pick your battles is something I literally say 19 times a day. Not to mention I totally believe that there is something to Decision Fatigue and it’s no wonder successful people limit decisions to prevent burnout at the end of the day. So every night before going to bed, I put the Cheerios box on the table along with their bowl, silverware, napkins and a drink cup. So in the morning all we have to do it pour some milk and cereal in the bowl, grab some fruit, and a slice of bacon or sausage and we are ready to go. Not to mention at 5, Brooklyn can grab the milk from the fridge and pour it into her and Charleigh’s bowls.  If you want to start the morning out on the right foot, a 5 year old that feels accomplished and helpful can conquer the world or at least preschool.

Now some might argue that it can get boring or redundant to eat the same thing every day. But not when Cheerios  literally gives you so many options and flavors. In fact we are so #basic we just picked up the Pumpkin Spice flavor (with no artificial flavors and colors I might add) and can’t wait to mix that in our routine. We also forgo milk sometimes in exchange for yogurt. I let them sprinkle on the toppings aka Cheerios and fruit and voila, breakfast ice-cream. Shhh.

There is also something so nostalgic about feeding my girls Cheerios because not only was it their first food they were able to eat by hand as babes but I also grew up eating them. And if you asked my mom, I turned out pretty perfect. Right mom?

As a mom I know the most important meal of the day is breakfast and literally sets the pace for the whole day. It’s important that my girls get something that is healthy but still tastes good and with 1 gram of sugar and 100% whole grain oats (just like oatmeal) I know they are getting what they need.

Other Ways to Cut Corners in the Morning

  • Braids. Do it. If you have girls with long, fine hair do NOT let them go to bed without a braid or bun.
  • Lay out 3 outfit choices. Let them pick one and they feel like they have won. When in reality, you still won.
  • Lunches, pack them in the PM. It’s inevitable that something comes up you weren’t ready for. Be prepared.
  • Pack everything they need for school the next day. Forms filled out, homework, nap mats etc in car night before.
  • Limit screentime. Its amazing how much slower we all move when the TV is on.

Enjoy your morning together and enjoy the moment they arrive at school even more. You’ve got this momma!




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  1. August 30, 2017 / 4:57 pm

    Probably my fave blog from the campaign.I like your style of writing mama!!!

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