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Our Weekend Stay in Venice at Jamaica Bay Inn

I literally feel like my whole life has been a lie. Being raised and living in the south for the majority of my life, people vacation in Florida. Every spring break and summer break for as far back as I can remember we have traveled south to the white sandy beaches of the Gulf and posted up in 95 degree weather with 150% humidity. It’s just what you did. Don’t get me wrong. It’s pretty. But it’s awesome miserably hot there during the summer. Well this year we thought we would mix things up and try something new. So we headed west and will forever always head west in the summer.

Tucked away in the hustle and bustle of LA is a hidden gem in Marina Del Rey.  It’s an amazing little corner of the world called Mother’s Beach. It has a roped off swimming and wading area, the waters are calm, there are lifeguards watching over the beach and waves can’t sneak in here. It’s basically a Mother’s dream, hence the name.  We picked this spot for a quick weekend getaway and could have been more perfect for our little family. Have I mentioned yet the weather? To die for.

Hubs had work in Venice and it’s a short drive in LA from LAX. Did you even know that was such a thing? But seriously we landed, got our car and got there without a single tear or “are we there yet?” Upon arriving at Jamaica Bay Inn we were greeted by valet who grabbed our bags as we checked in. The lobby was fabulously decorated, which is always my first inclination that we will love it.

Before heading upstairs we were asked if we wanted to make dinner reservations. Now after a half day of traveling with kids under 5 staying in to eat dinner sounded like a dream. It was water front and had a great menu that would make mom and dad happy as well as the littles, not to mention they had an unbelievable Happy Hour. So we ran upstairs and dropped off out bag, freshened up and headed on down to get this party started. But as we were leaving the most welcomed gift of all came. A bottle of wine and two glasses. So naturally we made girls lay down for a rest and hubs and I headed to our balcony to enjoy this treat. Check out that view!

This hotel was located directly on the sand and water but minutes to Abbott Kinney in Venice so we had the best of both worlds within reach.

Beachside Restaurant and Bar

During out stay, the inside portion of the restaurant was closed down. But honestly if you were staying here you wouldn’t want to eat inside. Not when the outside was so fabulous. And at night it got a little chilly for some, so they had blankets and heaters set up to use as well as tables with fire. It was gorgeous and they literally thought of everything (they even have organic and gluten free options). 

The Grounds

After dinner we decided to take a stroll around the resort. And of course we stopped to smell every flower! They have done such an amazing job with perfectly groomed vegetation and picturesque views from every corner of the resort.



Early to bed early to rise doesnt apply on vacay but we opted to head back to the room to relax on the balcony and get ready for the next day. Traveling with kids can be a bit hectic. We have been traveling with them since they were little so I feel like practice makes perfect but of course at this age nothing actually prepares you. We always opt in for either a room with a separate living area or a balcony with a view. It took several trips of sitting in a bathroom with wine before we realized we needed a plan. My kids still fight going to bed and need darkness and quiet to make it happen. Now at home they both have their own rooms but always sleep together so 2 queen beds is all we need when we travel. We got the kids ready for bed, let them have some screen time and hubs and I headed to the balcony. (notice it’s still light out, but their little bodies were still in CST)

The rooms were plenty large for the 4 of us. Had a desk, chair, as well as a fridge, Keurig, and bottled water. Bathroom was spacious with a huge shower.  There was also ample closet space for all our luggage to go into and dressers for our clothes. When I go to a hotel, there is nothing worse than stuff all over the place. We felt right at home.


Room Service

Hubs had to head to work this morning so he got up bright and early and left us snoozing away. We woke up leisurely and one of my kids most favorite things to do on vacation is order room service. They know how to vacation! So we scoured the menu and got our order placed (could have left it on the door the night before but it came so quickly we didn’t even have to worry about hangry kids in the am).  Check out this room service menu.


Staying on the beach you would think having a pool wasn’t important. But regardless of what body of water is close by the pool is always our first choice. So after breakfast we headed down to go get in the pool. My favorite part was that you are sitting at the pool and their is a glass wall to see the beach. Not only do they have a pool but they also have a hot tub ( and both are handicapped/wheelchair accessible). They also leave pool towels in your room so you are set.



Though we are typically pool gals, I didn’t fly across the country to not put my feet in the sand. So once hubs got back from work we headed out to explore the beach and was so pleasantly surprised to see right next door sharing the parking lots was Pro Sup Shop.  We have rented paddle boards before in the ocean and its kinda tough with small kids. This bay was amazingly perfect to be able to take them out on the water. Fun fact outside of the “swimming area” there are tons of sting rays. They were so cool to see and gave me motivation to not fall in the water with one of the girls on the front. Ha.



In conclusion, two nights here wasn’t enough. The girls upon departure literally cried when we got into the car and have asked nearly every day since then when are we going back. The people were amazing and friendly (and I’m from the south, so we set the standard in friendlyness) the room was emaculate, the grounds were gorgeous, food was amazing, drinks were plentiful, and plenty to do you dont even have to leave.


Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are of course my own.



  1. angela eagle
    July 23, 2017 / 1:12 pm

    If I won the free people contest I would buy the Seduction Jumpsuit

  2. Cheryl Z
    July 23, 2017 / 10:58 pm

    If I won I would buy $300.00 worth of your gorgeous sundresses!

  3. Lisa Weeks
    July 24, 2017 / 10:04 pm

    If i won id but sundresses!

  4. January 7, 2018 / 6:54 pm

    This hotel looks amazing! I love that it is so close to the beach and kid friendly! I am definitely adding it to my Must-visit list for this year!

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