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Please Assist Me

Leading up to vacation I had the best of intentions to make sure my house was clean and orderly upon our arrival. Well spoiler alert, it didn’t work out that way. We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to make it the airport on time. In the past I would have to come home from vacation and spend a full day (or more) trying to get cleaned up.  Not this time! My laundry was done, my dishes put away and my last minute work mail went out! Thanks to Please Assist Me.

Ever feel like you need a whole team of people to help you get through the day? I do on a daily basis. I became a SAHM because I wanted to be more present in my kids life. Being present to me isn’t doing all the mundane tasks that are time sucks though and seriously, does the laundry ever end?  Every now and then its nice to outsource some of the work to make time for things that are more important. Thanks to  Nashville’s  Please Assist Me I am now able to have more hours in the day (and a sink free of dishes).

I have assistants that help me run my blogging business why not have an assistant that helps with those tasks that make your house run and your family happier? In fact, it wasn’t until recently that I never knew how much my husband secretly hated coming home to a sink full of dishes. Seriously, he never said anything and since all my kids do is eat all day I was never concerned with it. Well he made a comment and apparently his love language is a clean kitchen and voila, all fixed.

So do you have a task list a mile long and need an extra set of hands, but not quite ready for the sister wife yet? Check out below all the things Please Assist Me will help you with (and if not listed, just ask they are so very flexible)

  • Groceries Delivery

  • Groceries can be ordered directly through their website. And you can get as specific as you want because they offer organic, gluten-free, dairy-free options. And they even deliver wine!

  • Dry-cleaning

    The dry cleaner that is closest to my house doesn’t have a drive through and with 2 kids in 5 point harnesses I strongly suggest to my husband that he doesn’t wear clothing that needs to be dry-cleaned because of the inconvenience of drop offs. Well until now because they pick up from your house and drop off, then return it the next week at your weekly appoint and for only $2.25 per item.

  • Laundry


  • My youngest daughter changes clothing 7 times a day and I’m not even exaggerating. She spills food on purpose to be able to put a new dress on. Im drowning and can never get my head above water. Lets not even talk about hanging clean clothes up. The bedroom closest to our laundry room is a staging area for the clean clothes. Well they have these great bag that you fill up and they wash, fold, and hang all depending upon how you want your laundry done. At $15 per bag (huge bag and can fit so much) it is a service worth its weight in gold. 
  • Mail


  • I run two businesses from my house and used to have to hit up the post office a couple times a week. And our adorable little post office takes an hour lunch break during they day which just so happens to be the only time I need to go. Ha. Well now just pay for postage! They provide envelopes and boxes and you don’t even have to worry about packing, they do that too! I just left mail in the basket next to laundry and away it went.
  • Dishes

  • Oh the dishes. They will hand wash your dishes every visit using natural, plant-based soap and leave the sink looking like its move in day. I didn’t even have to tell them where  to put everything, they did it and did it well.
  • Seasonal Services

    And more. Do you need something done not covered above? Just ask! They are so flexible to work with. Never forget flowers again for your momma. They wrap gifts during Christmas, delivery flowers during Valentines Day and more!

So my gift to you all is extra time. You deserve it and you need it. In a world where being busy is a bragging right. It’s time we all take a stand and chill out and do what’s really important. Relax more. Work less. But let Please Assist Me help you keep your house on track.


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