Drink Your Way to Great Skin

What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your skin in terms of anti-aging and overall skin health. Sure you can hydrate and plump skin topically but like all things beauty start within to see the greatest change. For me the easiest part of my skincare routine is def washing my face twice a day even with the 4-5 steps my routine consists of, the hardest part is seriously drinking enough water. I have no idea why, but sometimes I have to pretend I’m at a college frat party and funnel water in order to drink any in a day. I kid, but now that I have said that out loud that sounds ingenious so I might be trying it soon.

What you eat is also very important to maintain good skin health.  Any one you talk to with a background in diet and nutrition will agree that we could all benefit from more veggies from breakfast to dinner and snacks in between vegetables should make up the bulk of your plate. Along with water this is another task I have a harder time doing so I started drinking Salad Power to make sure I was able to get in all my greens without having to start the day out with a Bloody Mary. Not that that’s not a good idea, but Sunday Funday can’t happen for me on the reg. But if you are brave enough for a Bloody Mary every day, check out Salad Powers recipes and at least you will know you are getting nothing but the good stuff.

The great thing about Salad Power is that they have only added the good stuff. No added sugar or fillers, just plain skin aiding vegetables (they have some with fruit too if you like it a little sweeter).

As you drink down your vegetables today, here is a list of their ingredients and what benefits they are doing for your skin,


Contains Vitamin C which helps you make the collagen needed for skin strength, Copper which boosts the synthesis of melanin — a pigment that protects your skin from the sun — and, like vitamin C, it helps you make collagen, and Vitamin A which promotes healthy cell growth.


Being rich in vitamins A and C celery protects the skin from damage from free radicals. This vegetable is also dubbed as the ‘acne killer’. Not only does it fight acne, but even the scars that could otherwise be left behind. Celery even helps cleanse the skin and removes dirt, thereby keeping your skin clean and less prone to acne outbursts. Celery not only offers hydration to the skin but also clears off the excess oils


Carrots are most known for their beta carotene, an antioxidant that is converted to vitamin A inside the body. It helps repair skin and protects against the sun’s harsh rays along with many other benefits


It is high in vitamins and minerals and improves your skin, leaving it rejuvenated. This is perhaps due to cucumber’s high antioxidant levels, which calm inflammation in the body, reduce the likelihood of redness, puffiness and blemishes.

Green Pepper

The phytonutrients content of green peppers is very effective in curing rashes, blemishes, acne, and other skin infections. As well as the different antioxidant vitamins, especially vitamin C, present in this type of bell peppers can facilitate the formation of collagen in our skin in order to keep it firm and healthy as well as create a barrier to more damage.


It helps in getting rid of tanning, counters discoloration of skin, helps in treating and preventing acne, shrinks open pores and regulates secretion of sebum in oily skin.


Spinach is a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A improves skin tone whereas vitamin C plays an important role in the repair as well as growth of skin cells. Being rich in vitamin K and folate, spinach gives you a clear complexion by minimizing acne, bruising on the skin and dark circles.

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