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So I love Target as much as the next momster but their constant need to add new home decor weekly which in turn makes me want to redecorate weekly is going to force us into the poor house. So I have stumbled upon some hidden gems in Nashville that I have to share with you all. But don’t you worry Non-Nashvillians these stores actually have multiple locations and not just a couple there are tons of locations.  Just a fair warning, these home decor shopping hacks will have you never spending full price on Target goods again. So continue at your own risk.

  1. Bargain Hunt: If you are in the midwest or Southeast there is probably one near you. These stores add additional markdown to items that have been there for awhile. So I purchased this bar cart  (still listed on Targets site for $116) from BH for $45. Not too shabby. Any that’s not the only bar cart I have purchased from there. I currently have 3 in my house and allot least 50% off current prices in store. This used to be my go to for baby stuff like car seats and strollers too. I recently was in one and noticed they are now an Amazon retailer as well.

2. Dirt Cheap: This is one I have debated telling you all about, because it’s a gold mine. Literally. So far everything I have purchased from this store is 80-90% off of prices in the stores.  This is another store that discounts things the longer they have been there and apparently the stuff I love has been there awhile. In fact, recently when I went I scored a gold end table for $1. Remember these Nate Berkus leather stools? They were $99 in store when I bought these for $9 each. This store actually takes shopping carts and fills them up with stuff that’s been there for awhile and sells the whole shopping cart for….wait for it. $10. My husband would kill me if I came home with a packed shopping cart of knick knacks, so if you want to go halfsies let me know. 





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  1. March 29, 2017 / 10:05 pm

    Ok, because of you I may have a new found addiction in Dirt Cheap. Wow!! SO glad you shared.

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