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End It Movement

Unless you are living under a rock, your social media feeds are probably full of Red X’s on hands today. This is their 5th year of doing this and its growing in popularity due to celebrities and others helping to promote the movement.

The End It Movement is a day of action to shine the light on Human Trafficking. So what exactly is Human Trafficking? In short, a form of modern-day slavery, according to the Department of Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign. Any time a person is exploited for labor — this includes sex trafficking to domestic servitude — through force, fraud, or coercion, that’s considered human trafficking.

According to End it Movement statistics:

  • An estimated 20 million – 45.8 people are trapped*
  • with 55% of those being women and children
  • in 167 countries (87% of the world)

And these are just estimates, since there is no way to accurately pinpoint these numbers. As a mother of 2 small children this is scary as shit. So today, instead of just drawing an x on my hand I’m going to do something more and I beg all of you to join me. Find a local chapter because if you don’t believe this happens in your back yard you are crazy. I live in the 7th Wealthiest County in the United States (not a humblebrag, we barely snuck in) and it’s not uncommon to hear about a bust at a local motel miles from your house.  According to a local chapter End Slavery TN these are some frightening Nashville facts.


  • Over 100: Cases of minor sex trafficking reported in Davidson County (2011) The study capped at this number.
  • Over 100: Cases of adult sex trafficking reported in Davidson County (2011)
  • Atlanta to Nashville: Victims regularly moved on a circuit to minimize detection (Atlanta is one of the major child sex trafficking hubs in the U.S.)
  • Magnets for Sex Trafficking: Middle Tennessee traffickers find an attractive business climate among tourists, conventions, truck stops, a military base and among residents of one of the region’s most affluent populations

Let’s all come together for the sake of our children. Keep an eye and an ear out. If you feel like something isn’t right, you are probably right. I’ll be emailing my local chapter tonite to sign up for future volunteer opportunities. Also from here on out for the rest of this month I will donate 15% of all my Rodan + Fields sales to End Slavery Tennessee. So grab your favorite skincare or Lash Boost and help end slavery.


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