Inspirational Nursery Rhymes

As a mother in todays day in age we have so many more pressures than previous generations. I’m expected to work, be involved as class mom, while volunteering and making pinterest type projects (and still finding time for the gym, hair salon, and nail salon).  Now we do have a lot of things others didn’t to help make life easier like meal delivery, virtual assistants, and Amazon. It’s still exhausting. We are pulled in different directions by internet experts that know what’s best for my child before she was even born. Information is abundant and yet there is so much bad information out there. Thankfully I am hard headed passionate enough to pave my own way in upbringing my babies and not just go with the current trend.

I have always told them (even at 2 and 4) I don’t care if they are the smartest, fastest, or most artistic all I am concerned about at the end of the day is if they are the kindest. While filling out forms for my MDO they inquired as to what we valued most out of a program and my immediate response was manners and loving God. I honestly don’t care if my kid goes to kindergarten reading novels or writing in cursive while mastering common core math, what I do want is a kid that has manners, respects authority and is kind to everyone.

So when Jackie with Inspirational Nursery Rhymes reached out to me I was instantly in love with their philosophy. According to studies 95% of behavioral patterns are established by the age of 6, due to brain wave changes, it is imperative that we teach the values we want instilled in our children before that age. So needless to say these books stay on our nightstand and are in rotation, every night.

What makes these “self-help” books even more amazing is that they are written in rhyme and as we all know our kids love music and poetry and those songs stick in their (and our heads) for a long time helping them memorize. Some of the topics they touch on in these books are positive values, personal inspiration, manners, gratitude, personal responsibility, and so much more.

They currently have 4 books titles (another on the way):

  1. Get Inspired with Max
  2. Be Responsible Like Max
  3. Giving Thanks with Max
  4. Max Gives Thanks to God
  5. (Coming Soon) Max and Molly Learn Their  Manners <—— probably going to be my fave.

As the mother of your kids classmate please do us all a favor and pick up a set for your kids too. Ill do my part if you do yours. Deal? Order HERE

You can read up more about the science behind their books HERE.


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