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ooh la la

youve got mail

Subscription services are all the rage and rightfully so. Why would I want to put real clothes on and brush my hair,  then load up car with crazy children who act like animals at the first sighting of a Target, then battle them through the aisles to pick up said item I could have easily had delivered to my door. Not to mention, how many times have we gone into target to pick up one or two things to come out needing to refinance the house?  More than once over here. Oops, sorry hubs.


Last month I went to Vegas for a girls/work trip. Have you ever noticed how much more attention we pay to ourselves when we go out with the girls vs going out with hubs? I got hair done, nails done, tanned, shopped, etc. I came home with new sleepwear and panties. Seriously.  Obviously hubs was wondering where this excitement was a month earlier when we went on our Honey Moon 5 Years Too Late and I think I said something like “I cant let those girls see me in these old ratty things.”  It was at that moment I was going to set aside the mom guilt that only moms impose on themselves and I was going to keep myself fly more often.


So BootayBag seemed like an easy fix and had to share with you all.  It is a subscription service for your unmentionables. Winning. Everyone loves mail day. Especially when you don’t know what’s coming (as long as its not those damn bill collectors that found me). So I went online and filled out the super quick survey and then patiently waited for my goodies to arrive.

Cheekies Thong

Variety is the spice of life so I went with the variety pack. And when I went to go open my adorably packaged pair of panties I found one of each. A gorgeous thong and a my new favorite cheekies.



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