Your Eyes are the Windows to Your Soul


We have all probably heard before that your eyes when you are born are the same size as when you die and this isn’t 100% true, but it’s close in comparison to the rest of your body. Your eyes are around 1.5 times larger at death than at your birth where as your body is much different. I’m currently sitting at around 21x my birth weight (stop doing the math) and I am obviously hoping to reduce that number soon but it’s deemed more difficult than I thought.

So as a baby your eyes appear much larger, hence the reason why big, bright eyes are one of the key indicator points of youthfulness. So as we get older our eyes appear smaller because our heads are growing quicker and then gravity takes over bringing those bright shiny eyes drooping. Instantly aged! As we age our eye lashes age as well. They become shorter, more brittle, thinner, and  lighter. I mean seriously why can’t that happen to my leg hair? Things that make you go hmmm.

At Rodan+Fields, our Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream  is our #1 stand alone product in terms of sales. Not only is it truly life changing but eyes are something EVERYONE is looking to correct or prevent in terms of anti-aging. So naturally  before convention we all sat around trying to figure out what our new product launched would be and we were all thrilled to learn it is our NEW Lash Boost.

But wait, I didnt think you all did makeup is what you might be thinking. And you are right, we don’t do makeup and we won’t do makeup. We are working on getting rid of your need for makeup and this is just one more step to a makeup free, youthful appearance we all want.

Lash extensions are an investment. At this salon in town it will run you $199 for a full set then every three weeks you will need a fill, running you $89. Don’t forget to tip!  Not to mention the time. Who has 1.5 hours to sit around having lashes done?  I can barely sit at the hair salon that long but at least I can stalk Instagram while getting hair done, not the case with lashes.

This is a simple dip, wipe, apply once a night with each tube lasting 2-3months from the comfort of your own home.

  • Longer looking lashes.
  • Thicker looking lashes.
  • Darker looking lashes.

All for a fraction of the price of fake ones and these are 100% YOUR lashes. No need to make yourself cry at the end of the night either to try to get fibers out of your eyes.

I just got started on mine and will be updating with pics at 4 weeks and again at 8. This product won’t be available to Preferred Customers until Nov 2nd so I am creating at signup list to remind everyone of the start date and you never know I might add in an amazing incentive just for my tribe! If its anything like our other products when first released we will sell out. Especially since Corp is amazing enough to gift you all an adorable bag and a FREE mini eye cream in our Holiday Bundle.14611070_10208707646106077_921625753139456385_n

Oh and I almost forgot! It can be used on your brows too! I’ve been contemplating microblading for months but getting my first tattoo ever is something that requires thought and planning and the fact that my first tattoo ever will be on my face is making it even harder to pull the trigger. So first I will try this out! I can totally commit to a serum on my brow.

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Before: (i’m so sure this product will work I’m going to post my before pics now)


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