Anti-Aging Secrets of the Stars errr I Mean Millennials in Suburbia

As many of you all are aware Anti-Aging is my jam. I figured since I took such bad care of myself in my 20s that I best make up for it in my 30s and on. So when we think of Anti-Aging, skincare is typically the first thing that comes to mind. But you know what else has a huge impact on your perceived age. Your teeth. They are one of the first things I notice on a person. (by the way, you have broccoli in yours right now.)

Did you know having bad teeth can age you, women in particular, 13 years? Yeah like any of us need that to help us age when we have 4 year olds still not sleeping through the night or thinking they can do artwork on your brand new sofa.  Experts found that smoking and drinking coffee or red wine coupled with a failure to regularly brush can put years on the average woman. I am an avid coffee/wine drinker. It’s my crack. I switch directly most days from coffee to wine around 5ish. Since teeth are typically the first thing you notice about a person, I never want anyone to notice mine aren’t pearly white. Smile Brilliant to the rescue!


I was so skeptical to try these out because in the past the trays you make at home, you know they ones with boiling water and molds, tend to be bulky and uncomfortable, not to mention hard to make perfect. But Smile Brilliant actually provides and extra set of mold so if you do make a mistake you can start over. And they are so comfortable I almost forget they are in there. Pretty awesome.

Another thing you probably already know about me is that I order EVERYTHING from the internet. I have two small children and run two businesses from home. The last thing I want to do is run to the dentist or the store for something I can get online. Smile Brilliant is shipped directly to your house. With a return envelope and postage included to ship molds back where they can make them. Convenience at its finest.



It came with to easy to follow directions and was super simple to get molds that ended up fitting PERFECTLY. In fact I’m thinking of updating my resume to include Dentist because I basically nailed this!

Something else that separates this teeth whitener from most besides the fact that this is EXACTLY the same as the whiteners you get from a dentist minus the exorbitant cost is that it includes Desensitizing gel. This gel helps diminish tooth sensitivity as well as Re-mineralizes and replenishes your teeth.  Even though I am not prone to sensitivity I still use the gel to help prevent re-staining. Teeth sensitivity is no fun and I’m so glad there is a company that offers a solution.

So what are you waiting for? They even offer a money back guarantee. So you literally have no reason not to try.

Check out this video from the babe Danielle Mansutti. She does a great job of showing start to finish how easy the whole process is.  As well as killer before and afters.

Ready to get started? Head here to order. Enter code MODERNDAYMOGULS to get 5% off. But theres’s more, since Smile Brilliant loves my followers as much as I do they have offered to do a Giveaway.

One winner will receive $139.95 credit for a tray creation kit + 6 gel syringes of their choice (3 whitening and 3 desensitizing or 6 whitening)
All you have to do is enter name and email on giveaway link 
It’s that easy. Good luck!




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