Day One of World Domination

Day One of World Domination

Today is the first day of “school” and my heart feels a tiny bit empty yet so excited about the future. B has been signed up and ready to go for awhile. I use R2G term loosely because she isn’t sold on the idea. I don’t blame her. I loved school but you know what I would love more. Not going to school.  But seeing how uber competitive the world is in how educated our toddlers are while entering Pre-K it’s probably in our best interest to get started or else she might fail out of Kindergarten and have to resort to living off her parents for decades to come. Oh wait….

Last week, we got a phone call that C had been accepted. Apparently she passed her initial screening of being adorable and she was in. So funny part was, she was waitlisted when we signed up B. And as time was ticking by all summer and even after the orientation for B I was thinking our chances of C going were slim to none. I was actually excited because in her short little life, it had never been just her and mommy and I thought this would be a special time for us. Well then they called and obviously I instantly grabbed the open spot. We will just plan those mommy daughter dates on Saturday. ha.


MDO programs are a little different then daycare we used to do. We had preparation and homework that I wasnt expecting to have for many years. Hopefully this was just the prep and its over. But with 4 year old they are really pushing independence and mommys OCD when it comes to craft time wasn’t allowing her to be as independent as they probably wanted. So Brooklyn gave me the ideas and I used the computer vs having her draw or write what we were suppose to be putting down. Have you ever seen a 4 yr old that doesnt know how to write or draw attempt a picture of a bike? Not pretty.


So now that I have all this new found freedom and time I plan on having a spotless home, hot cooked meals, underwear ironed and hair washed daily. Ha, who am I kidding. Sorry hubs probably not in the cards. Wrinkly whitey tighteys are here to stay. But this will give me a little bit more time to spend on my businesses. Uninterupted work time at the pool, nail salon, or local wine bar sounds devine.  I have quite a few things already planned but looking forward to seeing where things go for all of us.

We got all packed up last night and then of course had to finish packing this morning because they both wanted to sleep with their new lunchboxes. It’s alot of stuff (that we also get to bring home and do again Thurs) ugh for the first time in my life I wish naptime didnt exist.



Drop off went well. They held hands the whole time going into the school. C walked B to class. On the way to C’s class she said she wanted to go with B instead and of course tears filled my eyes under my sunnies. In her little life of 2 years she has always had big sister by her side. So seperating them was a little sad. I might contemplate home schooling so they can be together. Ha. kidding, I would be the worst homeschooling mom ever!

Going into their classes they were distracted and hubs and I raced for the door. Time will tell how things go, but I know in the end once everyone gets accustomed to the new schedule it will be wonderful for them.

First Day of School

Little ladies, the whole world is at your finger tips. It’s time to dominate! I cant wait to watch  you soar.

Back to School Photoshoot



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