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My Last Toddler Room Conversion

When we moved out of our house a year ago we sold a ton of our furnishings because:

A.) it’s easier than moving them

B.) I wanted an excuse to redecorate

We were in temp (cramped) housing so we needed small furniture. My 1.5 and 3.5 had to share a room so I needed a crib and a twin to fit in a tiny bedroom. So Ikea’s Minnen bed to the rescue. It was perfect. Until they slept terribly together and no one got any sleep if they were in same room and my 3.5 year old had to bed hop into our room and it went empty for 6 months of our build. But I bought it also because down the road I wanted two of the Minnen bed together in one room. I’m going to share my original Pinterest inspo but don’t judge how much cuter it looks here.

7780efe9ccdd90bd2d99e75c3c0e84b7I mean seriously, this is what dreams are made of and having a cute room like this guarantees your kids will sleep through the night every night, right?

So we moved into our new house where everyone had their own rooms. Pretty amazing. I’m pretty sure my youngest, C, is going to grow up and either be the most competitive person we all know or she is going to be one of those people that is obsessive over someone and wants to become them. Either way, she wanted B’s bed and would only nap or sleep at night in her bed. Both of my children have gotten out of cribs and into big girl beds around 18 months so i didn’t think anything about it and my husband does what any good husband would do that wants to sleep in his own bed, uninterrupted he drives 4 hours south to Atlanta one morning at 4 am to get C her own Minnen bed just like big sister. We remove crib and set up bed and think finally this is gonna do it.


2016-06-30 09.20.18 2.jpg

Nope. Not only did she want B’s bed, she wanted the whole damn room. After a lot of begging and pleading B gave into her ways and let her have it.

A couple months ago, hubs and I were ready for a big kid bed of our own. Sleeping in a queen for people our size isn’t comfortable so we got our selves a new bed and moved our queen into B’s room so she could have her own big girl bed, finally allowing me to move my two Minnen’s into one room. So excited!  Remember erase the adorable room above that I was inspired by, we had to recycle old bed linens. Those will be next!

2016-08-01 07.09.40 1.jpg


It’s hard to tell from this angle but I do have one (against the wall) pulled all the way out into a twin and the other one is shortened to allow more play room. Its longer than a crib mattress but shorter than a twin.

This is such a great bed for kids transitioning out of cribs because when pushed together the scrolls touch making it nearly (notice nearly) impossible to fall out yet it is still super stylish. We actually bought one of these in the bargain section of Ikea for around $60 too which was even more amazing. I plan to a spray these a crazy fun color when we update rooms.

Ive always said in my next life I want to design and decorate nurserys and kids rooms. There is something so sweet about them. So a tiny piece of my heart breaks knowing cribs are packed, toddler beds are packed and they are eventually going to tell me the want Minion sheets, not Minnen. Which will make me feel like I failed as a mother.

Bedding Basics

Grey Polka Dot Sheets  is the only thing still available in Stores

The pink Antique Chic duvet cover and the grey quilt aren’t available anymore but below is what they looked like on website


The black sheets were a clearance find at Target for like $10 and obviously no where to be found!




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