You Aren’t Using IG to Drive Traffic? WHY NOT?

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We all know having an active social media presence is important for business but sometimes trying to figure out where to start is hard. I’m a one woman show with the occasional help of a VA so I can’t be everywhere at once nor do I feel like I need/want to be. I created my Instagram account in Oct of 2015 so I’m a newbie on this account at 9 months old. It’s been slow and steady but whats more important than anything else is its authentic and real. My engagement rates are over 2x the industry standard and I love that. What’s even more impressive than that is that it is the leading force of website traffic for me. Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.20.43 AM

Being a one woman show I need people to work for me and as shown above IG is my best employee to date and I’d also like to note that this is after the dreaded algorithm has taken place. It is rocking and rolling sending people to my site to introduce them to my amazing products and the business that allows me to live out my dreams while being home with my babes.

So here are a couple tips to make IG start working for you.

  1. Spruce up your photography skills. There are so many online tutorials to make sure you are taking the best photos your phone/camera allows (95% of my photos were taken from my Samsung Note 4. I recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and can already tell a difference in my quality)
  2. Download VSCO and figure out a recipe for your edits. You want cohesion. Need ideas? Check out my Pinterest board for what I mean. Aesthetics wins every time on IG, make it appealing.
  3. Need a call to action. I am always sending people to my website for either a giveaway, new blog post etc. Give people a reason to click the link in bio. This link is good until the 10th. Go enter!!!!

So I’d love to hear how you are going to turn IG into another employee. Leave a comment below.



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