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Being a Master of One

Sometimes as small business owners we want to spread ourselves across every social media outlet there is, in hopes of reaching our potential customers.  But instead of being GREAT on one or two and making an impact we are barely making a dent on all of them. Lets change focus and choose the one outlet that you will receive the greatest impact.  I found these amazing  info-graphs and think that it does a very good job of helping you decide.



For me Facebook has led my business for almost a year. I’m able to reach my potential customers and business partners well while being able to engage often with them.  But Im changing focus and adding Instagram.  This is where I am also going to start expanding my marketing efforts.  According to this, Pinterest might also be an avenue worth exploring in the future. But from personal experience it is better to take on one at a time and master it well before moving on to the next. What’s your business and what are the social media outlets you should be on? Id love to hear.


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