Do I Really Need A Coach?


This is retest week at my local Crossfit Gym and it got me thinking about why we need coaches or mentors in business, in life, and in general. I have been an avid garage Crossfitter for 4 years. I wasn’t personally invited to Crossfit games or anything, but I was decent.  I had things I was good at and had things I was bad at, aka avoided. Even though I have been an athlete my whole life, I am not a natural at Crossfit. It’s something I have to work hard at in order to be decent. But 4 years later I continue to do it because I enjoy it, I know it works, and it gives me goals and things to work towards outside of home and work which is very important to me.

When we sold our home back in July, we also lost our garage gym. Instead of taking a couple months off until new home is built we joined a local box.  Best decision ever! 3 months in and loving it. This is our second retest week and I am amazed at the improvements in both strength and conditioning. On my own in my garage, I did the things I was good at and enjoyed (which are typically one in the same, right?) Now I have a coach who programs all aspects of Crossfit. Showing up daily and doing the things I am not good at or don’t come naturally is only making me more rounded athlete.

The same can be true in business. We typically avoid the things that we aren’t good but at the expense of hurting our business or aren’t sure what exactly we need to be doing to improve and grow. Hence the need for a business coach. Business coaches will ask more questions than they answer. They will make you think outside the box. They will continue to challenge you in order to see growth.


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